YUSAB, BISHOP OF FUWWAH (?-before 1271)

A Bishop, historian. Yusab, consecrated Bishop of in the western Delta by Patriarch Cyril III ibn Laqlaq sometime between 1237 and 1239, was a scholarly and active monk and leader who was much involved in the ecclesiastical struggles of his day. He served, for example, as secretary of the at the Citadel in 1240, which successfully brought Cyril’s simoniacal practices under control. An understudied source for Coptic is a work that was published in 1987 in Cairo under the title Tarikh al-aba’ al-batarika li-l-Anba Yusab usquf (The of the Fathers, the Patriarchs, by Anba Yusab, Bishop of Fuwwah).

Preserved in a single manuscript (and modern copies made from it), this History has entries for the patriarchs of the Coptic from St. Mark the Evangelist through John XVI (103rd, 1676-1718). According to Samuel Moawad (see the bibliography), the work is best considered an anonymous compilation; it is largely but not entirely dependent on the better known , and may have counted a by Bishop Yusab among its sources. Further study of the work is necessary to establish the precise extent to which it is an independent witness to Coptic history.