A Polish scholar. He studied at the universities of Frankfurt an der Oder and Leiden, and was ordained in the Socinian church in Lissa, Poland. At Leiden in 1750 he copied the Coptic dictionary of LA CROZE. Christian Scholtz taught him Bohairic. In the libraries of Paris he studied Oriental manuscripts for four months in 1773 and 1774. He learned the Sahidic dialect by himself, and in 1775 he edited La Croze’s Lexicon Aegyptiaco-Latinum, which Scholtz had revised, adding notes and indexes.

After reducing Scholtz’s Grammatica Aegyptiaca (Utriusque Dialecti quam Breviavit, Illustravit, Edidit) from four volumes into one and adding the Sahidic portion, he was appointed assistant librarian of the British Museum. He also contributed to the facsimile edition of the Graecum codice Ms. Alexandrino (London, 1786), and in the appendix of this publication (1799) he published fragments of the New Testament in the Sahidic dialect, mostly from manuscripts at Oxford.


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