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Wilhelm Spiegelberg (1870-1930) - Coptic Wiki


A German Egyptologist and demoticist. He was educated at the universities of Strasbourg and Paris. He was appointed professor of Egyptology successively at the universities of Strasbourg (1898), Heidelberg (1918), and Munich (1923). His earlier work was mainly on hieratic papyri, and he made a special study of juristic texts, on which he did valuable research. Later he turned chiefly to Coptic and demotic studies, becoming the leading exponent of the latter in Germany and, with F. L. Griffith, the foremost in Europe. He published a useful demotic grammar and a great many important literary texts hitherto overlooked in collections all over Europe.

In 1921 he brought out his Coptic Dictionary, a work of great value superseded only by the great Coptic dictionary of W. E. Crum. was also interested in archaeology and art, works in these fields as well as philology. He made several visits to Egypt. A master of the short article, wrote hundreds for all the leading of his day and contributed more to the Zeitschrift für ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde than any other author—159 in all.


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