Walter Ewing Crum (1865-1944)


An English Coptologist.

He studied Egyptology in Paris under Gaston MASPERO and in Berlin under Adolf ERMAN, specializing in Coptic. He held no public office, but devoted all his life to Coptic studies. Crum worked in nearly all branches of Coptology, published thousands of papyri and ostraca, and in 1939 completed almost single-handedly the standard Coptic Dictionary (Oxford, 1939; reprinted 1962).

He was elected fellow of the British Academy in 1931 and was awarded honorary degrees by the universities of Oxford and Berlin. His festschrift, Coptic Studies in Honor of Walter Ewing Crum (1950, pp. vii-xi), contains his complete bibliography. His notebooks and papers are kept in the Griffith Institute at Oxford, and his correspondence is in the British Museum (Add. MSS 45 681-90). He died in Bath.


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