Unction Of The Sick


Holy Sacrament. Apart from its use at home for a sick person, this service is performed publicly once a year on the last Friday of Lent, two days before Palm Sunday, using the tunes of Sundays during Lent. However, in this sacrament was performed on the sixth Sunday of Lent. In Upper Egypt, it was performed on the morning of Palm Sunday. A compromise was reached between the two traditions after the 14th century. The order for the of the Sick consists of an introduction and seven prayers or sections consisting of readings from the epistle, the gospel and prayer, and a conclusion.

There are some similarities between the Coptic and Greek of the of the Sick. However, the Coptic rite is shorter than the Greek one. R. Tukhi the first Catholic publication in 1763 in Rome. Labib the first Orthodox edition of this rite in 1909. Hence, several editions have been published since then but unfortunately the Coptic text is not always mentioned. There are many manuscripts from the Monastery of St. Macarius dated to the 14th century.