Umm Dabadib


A remarkably well-preserved village, also called the oasis of ‘, about 28 miles (45 km) northwest of . In addition to the village, the site includes an imposing fortress consisting of a central keep flanked by two trapezoidal towers 65 x 65 feet (20 x 20 m) and a square outer rampart 328 feet (100 m) along the sides. The present height varies between 32 and 41 feet (10 and 13 m).

Between the keep and the rampart to the east, in the interior of the fortress, is a small, three-aisled church with stuccoed and painted columns, oriented from west to east (apparent length of the nave is 33 feet [10m]). The decorated half-dome of the is preserved, and includes numerous Greek and Coptic grafitti, for example, “Lord Jesus Christ, help the hapless Paphnoute”; “ son of , Amen, 30th Thot, the 6th indiction”; and so forth.


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