Ulrich Wilcken (1862-1944)

ULRICH WILCKEN (1862-1944)

The founder of in Germany. He studied (with Georg Ebers), , and ancient at Leipzig. In he became a pupil of Theodor Mommsen, Eduard Meyer, and Adolf . After being lecturer at several German universities, he was professor at (1889-1915) and Berlin (1917-1931).

He was a member of many academies in Europe, founded the Archiv für -forschung, and published many papyri, among them Griechische Ostraka aus Ägypten und Nubien (2 vols., Leipzig and Berlin, 1899). His Grundzüge und Chrestomathie der Papyruskunde (with L. Mitteis, 2 vols., Leipzig and Berlin, 1912) became the handbook of papyrologists.


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