An of the text of the Troparia and the of the and the Good Friday of the shows clearly that, with the exception of some minor additions and omissions, they are the same as the Troparia and the Theotokia of the hours of the Church. However, in some instances, the Troparion or the of a hour is not found in the corresponding Greek hour but in a different hour.

The Coptic text has often marked difference from the actual text of the Greek Horologion. This divergence may possibly be explained by the fact that the Coptic text preserves the form of the , which was current in at the time when the translation was made. The case of “We worship incorruptible form,” which the actual Greek text changes “Morphy” (form) to “,” may well have been intentionally made by the iconodules at the time of the . It is well known that the iconoclastic controversy started in the in .

Our text should be earlier than the eighth century ( from the sixth or seventh centuries when the devotion and the started to be addressed to ).

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