TIL, or Apa Til or Apatil

A third-century martyr dealt with in a legend ( 75/76) in the style of the type of martyr’s life predominant in Egypt. According to the legend, Til was a soldier in the camp at Babylon. In the of DIOCLETIAN, he was sent by ARIANUS after unsuccessful torture to the praeses Pompius (Pompeius) in Pelusium. We find in the the well-known scenes of repeated rescues and miraculous healings performed by the martyr.

After the sentence of beheading is pronounced, the saint prays for the ascent of his soul to be free from peril. His father and his brother transfer the corpse to his home town of Sabaru in the Delta. In that area there must have been a martyr’s topos (place) consecrated to him. The gives as the date of his death 7 Amshir, and as the day of his burial in Sabaru it gives 16 Abib. The legend could have been composed to be read at his grave on the martyr’s feast day.


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