The sixtieth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (952-956). Theophanes was already an from the city of Alexandria when invested with this high office. His biography, with its tragic ending, is succinctly cited in the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS. It is said that the patriarchs at that time were expected to pay their electors the sum of 1,000 dinars every year. When at one time Theophanes was unable to meet their demand, a dispute arose between him and his electorate, ending with his repudiation of the patriarchal garb. He ultimately threw it in their faces.

Apparently the infuriated Theophanes became mad, or, according to the History of the Patriarchs, was filled with an evil spirit. Thus, his electors chained him in iron fetters and took him in a boat destined for Misr (al-Fustat). On the way they placed him in the hold of the ship, where one of the disciples of the placed a wet pillow on his face and sat on it until he died. Thus ended a patriarchate lasting four years and six months.