A bishop of Jerusalem who was exiled. He was the opponent of Juvenal of Jerusalem after the Council of CHALCEDON; head of the side opposed to the decisions of the council, he was bishop of Jerusalem between 451 and 453, when Juvenal was forcibly restored by Marcian (Frend, 1972, pp. 149, 151). He is spoken of especially in the Vita Petri Iberi (ed. Raabe, 1895, p. 54) but also in Chapter 27 of the Vita Euthymii of of Scythopolis. He consecrated many anti-Chalcedonian bishops, among them the Iberian, to the see of Maiuma. When Juvenal was restored to his throne, Theodosius accepted the sentence of exile without putting up a fight.

The Coptic tradition remembers him among the opponents of Chalcedonian doctrine. However, the two works attributed to him in Coptic are late forgeries of the period of the CYCLES.

The first is a homily In Honor of , existing in a complete codex (or complete in the relevant section) from the White Monastery (DAYR ANBA SHINUDAH) (ed. Bouriant, 1893, pp. 243-63). is in the prologue. He is compared in virtue and courage to various biblical characters, and moral exhortations are made. This is followed by a brief description of miracles performed by him in Jerusalem. There is no epilogue. The text is poorly written.

The second work attributed to Theodosius is The Miracles of Saint George (Bodleian Library, Oxford, Marshall 23, fols. 83-95; John Library, Manchester, Copt 61, fols. 59-148; ed. Budge, 1888). This is a collection of miracles, similar to many circulating at that time, barely dressed up as a homily by means of a short prologue. Here, too, there is no epilogue, which may mean that the same person was responsible for the redaction of both texts. The miracles take place around the work of building the shrine of the saint at Ioppe (Jaffa) and are of various types (healings, restitution of stolen goods, etc.).

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