Theodosius Of Alexandria


A Saint and . He was the 33rd of Alexandria (535-566). He is commemorated on the 28th of Baounah. He was a devoted friend and disciple of of Antioch. Riots of the Gaianites followed his consecration. He was able to exercise his authority only briefly but later was forced to go to Constantinople, where he became a symbol of anti-Chalcedonian orthodoxy. He acquired such an excellent reputation that the non- Copts were called “Theodosians” after his name for a long time.

Information concerning his life has survived in Coptic sources. wrote a lengthy homily on the Baptist, giving details on the life of the forerunner of Christ. He also wrote a homily on the Michael, and a third homily on the that is currently in the Vatican Library. In this homily, he describes the of Mary, partially published by Robinson; there is a letter ascribed also to him.