The Youth Power Secret (4) (19)

The Youth Power Secret (4) (19)


We will continue together with the steps by which we live in holiness. We have discussed the perception, how to control the senses and we will discuss in this book “ how to control the flesh” that fathers said it is the beginning of sorrows and also someone in the stature of apostle Paul says “ But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.” So this topic is really important and dangerous.

To obtain the most benefit from this series, please go through it gradually part by part but first go through the series of “ basic principles of spiritual life “

This series is important for youth and it guides the guardians on how to deal with their children in this special stage of their lives.

May The Lord Jesus Christ give his youth strength and holiness in the intercession of our mother saint Mary and with prayers of our father pope Tawadros

Glory be to our God in His church forever amen.

I went on my way to meet my spiritual father but that day I was unable to walk and yawn as if I hadn’t slept in a week although I slept more than ten hours, I felt bored and I didn’t want to go my way and were it not for my fear of sleeping in a dangerous place, I would have slept in the middle of the desert.

I started thinking about why I am tired today and I remembered that I ate a lot, maybe double what I eat every day, at last I arrived, I greeted my father and I said to him” today I want to continue the steps to be set free from youthful habits, you have told me about perception and control of senses.”

Father said: now, we will talk about the most important point to be set free from youthful habits which is ENERGY CONTROL.

I said: why is this the most important point, father?

Father answered: The three points are extremely important but the first one (perception) and the second one (control of senses) we have discussed them before during this series while (energy control) the third one, we will discuss it for the first time and we will start practical disciplines need striving hardly, because of that the third one is very important point.

I said: I am all ears, father.

Father said: we will start with CONTROL THE LUST FOR FOOD.

I asked: what is the relationship of food to youthful habits?

Father answered: very big correlation.

Man has limited energy either invest it in a positive side or Satan uses it in the negative side (youthful habits) or it is excreted by nature in a negative side as well (wet dream).

I said: how, father?

Father said: In one of the new cities, people complained about the lack of water for agricultural lands and that plants are starting to die, the ministry of irrigation says it is feeding the said canal with the required amount of water, but farmers kept complaining and the ministry defends, so a committee was formed to look into the issue.

They found that there is a large crack in the canal which swallows all the water before it reaches the farmers, although the Ministry pumps the required amount of water, it does not reach. They started the restoration process and closed the cracks, then the ministry started feeding the canal with water, then water overflowed on the sides of the canal, but it also does not reach the agricultural land, they searched again and found newly opened cracks so they restored them, after that the water began to reach the end of the canal, but not to the agricultural land either, but rather overflowed the banks of the canal.

Another committee was formed and started looking into the issue from the end, not from the source, and they found that the valves that allow water to pass have rusted and are not working, because of that, when water comes, it doesn’t find access points, so it squeezes the banks of the canal and overflows and when it increases, secret cracks start to form on the floor of the canal, and the water is lost, even after the ministry increased the water share more than once, the water didn’t arrive, the complaint was continuous and the plants were dying. the problem was not with the amount of water, on the contrary, the more water, the more the cracks will increase, also, the problem was not with the cracks, because after the restoration, new cracks formed.

But the problem was triple problem:

  • Old cracks (the old storage from the uncontrolled senses), this we have discussed in part 2 when we talked about (how to control the thoughts and sanctify the subconscious).
  • The rusted valves (not using the energy).
  • The amount of water (the excess energy).

We will focus on these 2 points today by the grace of Christ.

This is what was said by the fathers “ As, from the seeds of fasting, the spike of chastity grow, also from satiety, debauchery is generated and from fullness the defilement arises. As for lustful thoughts don’t dare to fight the hungry stomach and excessive eating increases the production of the human seed within us (sperm), and thus increases the body’s tendency for sexual arousal.” (The paradise of the desert fathers p.190)

Also St. John Climacus said “ The causes of masturbation during sleep (from 3 things) from food abundance and the resting life, also from pride if we are proud that this influx did not happen from a long time and from the condemnation of our relatives.” (a ladder to heaven, Syrian monastery edition, p.179)

As we have mentioned, man has limited energy and he should invest it in positive sides or it will be used in negative sides, this is on all spiritual, psychological and physical levels but we will focus on the physical level today.

So we obtain the physical energy from food and invest it in work and activity.

When we eat more than needed for work and activity, against our will, this energy will be invested in negative sides, natural ones like (wet dreams) or devilish wars and lustful thoughts lead to masturbation.

Listen carefully to this saying and keep it in your heart: “ devil fights with youthful habits he who has an energy that he lacks to use to do wonderful and positive things or he who needs to control his lust for food.”

I asked: how do I distinguish which one I need?

Father answered: it needs wisdom and runs in parallel.

“ THE BEGINNING “ you can start investing all your energy as possible, in sports, reading, drawing, studying hard or in serving in the church. After all of that if you are still struggling in this war of lusts, start to control your food. (of course you will do all of that after you had a real relationship with Jesus Christ by talking to God in retail not in wholesale, forgiveness, perception and control of senses as we mentioned before)

As we mentioned before that control of lust for food is a very hard discipline but you need it very badly.

As when you find yourself humiliated in front of this habit, physically tired and psychologically exhausted, you will prefer to strive by controlling your diet than dying everyday.

It is either to direct your energy on positive things, to savor the sweetness of spiritual life, to get used to the joy, freedom and comfort on a psychological level and also to do positive and wonderful things on the physical level.


This energy comes out against your will in negative matters, with them you feel death and fatigue, and the day you fall is not considered from your life, so you really are as if you are dead.

For the motive in the beginning is the freedom from bitterness and rid of humiliation.

After that the motive becomes the joy, freedom and spiritual pleasure.

And the indicator is always, whenever you fall, you should know that you have energy that needs to be invested, so try with all your abilities to do something new, to exercise (gym-football-……)

For bodily exercise profits a little.

I asked: why does it profit a little, father?

Father answered: this means that it doesn’t replace the real relationship with Jesus Christ for there are those who succeed in directing physical energy but they remain in a spiritual hunger and psychological emptiness and a need to feel the meaning of life and the goal of existence and they will not find all of these except in the real relationship with Jesus Christ, without this relationship man will remain to fall in the sin even if he invested his physical energy in sports, for example. For the psychological emptiness leads to falling which will be discussed after a while.

Also, you can invest your time in the reading of the Holy Bible and spiritual books, St. Antonious said: “ strive to read the Bible, as it cleanses you of impurity.”

It is known that the concentration of mind in reading and studying requires a lot of energy.

I said: but what if I don’t like reading?

Father said: first, start with some stories, then small books, then gradually you will love reading.

Also from the good things to invest your energy in, is learning a new languages, specially for those who love languages and have a knack for memorization, this will be very useful for their work.

One of the things available for investing energy is theater, choir, learning, music and drawing. Each one according to his talent and inclinations.

It is also important to participate in serving the sick, the elderly and the poor, as this is also an energy investment.

I said: how do I know my talents, father?

Father said: it’s simple, just start to try what you love to do, step by step you will find yourself growing, and learning, for everything in the beginning is tiring.

So either you choose to strive in learning positive things and so you will have rest and joy or to be humiliated to negative matters.

Controlling the lust for food is from the most difficult things and fathers have called it as” the origin of sins”

St. John Climacus said “ He who obeys the lust for food and has the hope to defeat adultery is like who extinguishes fire with oil.” (The ladder to heaven- Syrian monastery edition p.179)

One time a man went to a monastery to be a monk and there he chose a spiritual father who was talking to him every two weeks. This monk was suffering from lustful thoughts and impurities, so his spiritual father told him to increase praying and reading the Bible, then after two weeks this monk told his father that the war and the falls are the same, the spiritual father advised him to increase praying and reading the Bible once more, but the same result has obtained after two weeks also.

Then this monk went to his spiritual father and told him that the same result has obtained and he got thick of trying, so his father asked him to pray together, so the spiritual father started to pray saying” Jesus Christ, please protect your son from this devilish counsel and trample satan under his feet and strengthen him Amen”. Then he let him go in peace.

After two weeks this monk told his spiritual father that the war and the sinful thoughts are the same, so his father replied with tears” oh, my son….let’s pray again saying” our Lord, please don’t leave your son but trample Satan under his feet.”

At this moment, satan appeared crying” I didn’t fight him from that day you prayed together.”

Then the spiritual father asked him” so, why does he fall again?”

Satan answered “ because he eats a lot, drinks a lot, and sleeps a lot, he is the cause of his falling.” And then Satan disappeared.

After that father looked at the monk and said to him” go, strive and control your lusts for food.”

I said: oh,….controlling the lusts for food is very important.

Father replied: yes, indeed. If I didn’t control my lust for food, neither prayers nor reading the Bible nor perception nor love will help me to control my desires. There is a very important concept

I asked: what is that father?

Father answered: the body only understands the language of matter.

As man is not only a spirit but also is a body, the spirit can be controlled by praying and reading the Bible while the body can be controlled by fasting.

Because of that Jesus Christ taught us in the sermon on the mountain about prayers and also about fasting, He said “ This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” (Mark 9:29)

Fasting is the controller which helps the body to pray. Also, he who can’t control his body, will enter into a vicious circle.

I asked: what is the vicious circle, father?

Father answered: the vicious circle is when the person eats a lot, he will sleeps a lot and when he sleeps a lot, he will be fought from devil then he will fall, after falling he will feel very tired and despaired so then he will eat a lot, then he will sleep and so on.

He will remain in this vicious circle of excessive eating, sleeping, falling and despair and he can’t come out of it except by controlling food cravings (fasting).

I asked: As long as fasting is very important, father, why did you not tell me about it, before?

Father answered: If a person starts fasting before he realizes the love of Christ, the grace of Christ and the forgiveness of Christ, he will either consider it a heavy concern and will hate it or he will consider it as a physical sport which makes him proud and also he will boast because he fasts a lot and he is better than many and thus he falls in pride.


After a person realizes the love of Christ and also His forgiveness, he will be happy with fasting and with controlling his energy because he longs to pray and he pants to be with God who loves Him and who savored His love and so love will be the motive which makes a person doesn’t care about eating very much or anything else for the sake of the beauty of the relationship with Jesus.

I said: with that, could fasting be evidence that we love God?

Father said: yes, of course. He who loves fasting and welcomes the control of energy for a supreme goal, which is the love of God, achieves a great spiritual progress.

But of course, fasting should not be just a ritual or routine and self-gratification.

I asked: How long do I fast, father?

Is it possible to harm myself by fasting a lot?

Father answered: indeed, my son.

But there are two important indicators.

I asked: what are they, father?

Father answered: the first indicator is “when you feel the war is severe, so you need to fast a lot.”

But he who is weak or sick, fasts as much as he can. Therefore, from the wisdom of the church that they made the organization of fasting periods in co-ordination with the spiritual father.

The second indicator is” praying and performing life’s obligations.

I asked: what does that mean?

Father answered: it means that as long as fasting helps me to pray, to study and to work, this will be the right way but if fasting harms the body, the person needs to be wise about it as St. Moses The Black said” If your fasting doesn’t lead you to pray so it will be void.” (The paradise of the desert fathers p.242)

And believe me, son, fasting food is healthier than animal protein.

I asked: How, father?

Father answered: eating of fat and meat (a lot) causes high cholesterol, gout and heart disease, while eating of vegetables and fruits increases immunity and enlightens the mind.

Frankly, my son, these things are relative and everyone needs to be careful, He who experiences severe war needs to control his lusts some more.

It’s better to get tired in controlling your lusts instead of depression and extinguishing the soul after the fall.

He who control himself gets tired for a while, while who doesn’t control himself, will enjoy for a short time and after he falls, he will start to experience death while he is alive.

Like a person who is a diabetic patient, when he cannot control himself in front of sugary foods, he delights for minuets, then he gets tired and may go into a sugar coma and he may lose his life because he is not disciplined in front of temporary pleasure.

So he who doesn’t strive to control his lusts, he will experience a temporary pleasure and after that he will lose his energy by doing youthful habits then his body will be tired, his soul will be depressed and his spirit will extinguish.

I said: indeed, father. I know that, I know that to die while striving is better than to live in sin. Sin is humiliating.

Father said:as it’s said in the army :” to be tired in training saves blood in battle.”

Fatigue in taming your body and controlling your desires is not measured by fatigue, humiliation and bitterness after the fall.

From the experiences of fathers, there are foods that arouse lusts and tire the person, such as spices and foods that have high calories even if they are vegetarian like Tahina, which has a more difficult effect than meat.

One person has said “ I love fasting so much and I know its value in taming the body and controlling the energy, but one time while I am fasting, I was very tired from my desires, thoughts and my body’s instincts, then I said to myself.

“ I didn’t have all of these devilish thoughts and desires during eating meat, why does this happen during fasting?”

And when I thought, I realized that it was because of the excess energy that is caused by eating Tahina as it contains very high calories.”

I said: oh, my God, not only eating animal protein can provide you with excessive energy but also vegetarian food can do this!!!

But is it not possible that lack of prayers be the cause of these lusts, father?

Father said: these are three sources for carnal lusts, son.

First: from human nature: that is to say, it is present in our nature, and this is easy to overcome because it is completely subject to the will. When my desire fights me from this direction and I reject sin and reject this desire, I will triumph over it and it will be easy and simple.

Second: as devilish war this originates from thoughts and senses and so you can overcome this war by controlling the senses and by prayer. When devil fights me with devilish thoughts, I can cry asking grace from Jesus Christ, then at the same moment I will find Jesus saving me from these thoughts.

While the third: the most dangerous source (the excess energy)

I asked: why is it the most dangerous, father?

Father answered: because it is unknown to many. Many young people have a good will, with all their hearts they yearn for a life of purity, they fight satan with all their might and cry out day and night in prayers, but nevertheless they fall. The sin, lustful thoughts and bad habits control and enslave them while they scream and groan day and night and they don’t know that the reason is excess energy. so good will is not beneficial and prayer is not enough.

I said: prayer is not enough, father!!!

Father said: yes, son, in this case prayer is not enough. For this reason, Jesus said” by prayer and fasting” and not by prayer only.

Also St.Paul said” But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.” (1Corinthians 9:27)

This means without disciplining and subjecting the body, St.Paul himself can become disqualified.

Also” you have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin.” (Hebrews 12:4)

In Old Testament also it’s written “ Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom. She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food and abundance of idleness” (Ezekiel 16:49)

Also” How shall I pardon you for this? Your children have forsaken Me and sworn by those that are not gods. When I had fed them to the full, then they committed adultery and assembled themselves by troops in the harlots’ houses. They were like well-fed lusty stallions, everyone neighed after his neighbor’s wife.” (Jeremiah 5:7-8)

Like someone who fills a cup with water until it is filled to the end, then this person kept pouring water into the cup which flowed out of the water.

If this person prays a lot, crying out and screaming to God to make the cup expands and contains all the water, do you think prayer is beneficial in this case?

I answered: No, of course, it isn’t.

Father said: anyone who doesn’t control his energy then he tries, asks, cries out and prays to get the purity of the body and also tries to be liberated from lusts and habits is crazy.

I asked: and to what limits do I control my energy?

Does the person not eat until he is liberated from habits and impurity?

Father answered: the limits are clear as we mentioned, that the body should do what is required from it, to work, study, play and pray while it is extremely active and powerful. When lusts begin to fight you and you start to fall, know that there is excess energy needs to be controlled. For this reason fathers said” Every virtue begins with fasting.

When you control your energy, you know how to pray and how to serve.

I said: why is it too late for you to tell me this information?

Father said: Three reasons explain why we delay talking about fasting.

First: In order not to feel pride. Because if we start fasting before we realize the love of God, His forgiveness and His benevolence for us and His closeness to us, fasting becomes a favor we do for God and pride will fight us which is called by fathers (asceticism demon) that is, the person boasts of his fasting so that he can perish.

Second: fasting is not easy. For a person to fast and sacrifice the desires of the body, he should be aware that he will obtain something more precious and more important.

He must have accepted the love and redemption of Christ first and then be willing to die for the Christ who died for him and not only to fast.

Before realizing the love of Christ and accepting the complete forgiveness, fasting will be a heavy burden.

That is why you find many people don’t like the days of fasting and groan from the many fasts, and this is due to that they didn’t realize the love of Christ. Also because they didn’t realize the benefit of fasting which is control of energy and that fasting is not humiliation and fatigue for them. On the contrary, fasting gives a person freedom, energy, purity and a comforted soul.

For this reason fasting is relative which means that not all people fast the same hours and fasting hours for young people differ than that for old and sick ones.

It was said” If fasting harms the body, it will be a sin.”

I said: is it possible for fasting to be considered as a sin?

Father said:yes, it is possible, only when a person harms his body by fasting. Our body is a talent, God gave us to invest and preserve. Because of that it has written in the Bible “ For bodily exercise profits a little.” (1Timothy 4:8)

Also “ For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it,” (Ephesians 5:29)

Also God gives us richly all things like food to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17) (Romans 14:6)

Fasting is not to subjugate and insult the body, but to overcome the bad lusts of the body, to control the body and not to humiliate it, for our body is not our enemy but the carnal lusts which are used by the enemy to fight us and make us fall in impurities, while the chastity which is a result for fasting wisely or controlling energy makes the body strong, carries out his responsibilities and makes the person feels strength, comforted soul and released spirit.

Indeed, purity is the secret of the power of youth, so fasting is a sin when it harms the body and also when the only goal for fasting is to satisfy myself or to make me feel that I am a hermit man and I am better than many or to have praise from people or to complete the ritual and imposition to please God.

I said: can I ask a question, father?

Father said: sure, son.

I asked: this talk is aimed at young people, so what is the position of a person after marriage, will this talk remain the same for him concerning eating?

Father answered: this talk is for the young people who is humiliated to the youthful habits while after marriage the person can read first Corinthians chapter seven” let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband.

The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.

Do not worry, son, Christianity is not a religion of sophistication, narrowing and strictness, rather, this incomplete knowledge that some think is what makes a person hates the church and hates the spiritual life and is afraid to walk in the path of God.

I said: everyday I know something new!!!

Father said: back to youth again. We have mentioned that there are three reasons for not talking about fasting from the beginning. First: in order not to be proud of ourselves, second: not to feel that fasting is a heavy burden.

Third: because fasting needs wisdom and this is gained by prayer. Whenever a person approaches God, he takes enlightenment and wisdom and knows God more and realizes his love. Fasting without wisdom may harm the body, like some young people who read” The paradise of the desert fathers” or watch religious films take the saints as an example and role model. This is a good thing but when it is without wisdom, they start practicing ascetic actions and fasting, which may harm their health and instead of helping them to pray and to grow in the spiritual life, this will tire them and also they will not be able to complete it and so they leave the spiritual life completely. Or whoever fasts with excess, boasts and says, for example, I fasted all the days of Jonah continuously.” And indeed he fasts the first day, the second day he begins to be tired and does not focus in prayer then the third day he sleeps all the day. So what did God benefit from his fasting? What did he benefit from his fatigue and stress?

Just to have some praise from people or that he would please himself when he imitates the saints. So balance is important. St. Antonious said” Any virtue without wisdom turns into vice.” So fasting without wisdom turns into trouble, fatigue, humiliation, oppression or pride and boasting of my glory and my striving.

I said: Alright, father, but what if one of the young men said” I am afraid that fasting will harm my health and tire me?”

Father said: what makes a person tired is impurity, what makes human loses his energy are youthful habits, what humiliates a person is the sin, what destroys the human psyche is repeated falls, but fasting is controlling of the energy, fasting is the strength of the soul, fasting is the secret of the spiritual, physical and psychological youth power.

We can repeat again:

The indicator is suffering from youthful lusts and falling in bad habits, that means you have excess energy and you need to invest it in an activity, a talent, reading or in…….

After that if you remain suffering this war, you need to control your energy by fasting or you will remain in the vicious circle.

Father continues: I will tell you a practical discipline which will help you not only to overcome devil but also to provoke him.

I said: what is this, father?

Father said: it seems a bit strange. It is:

Whenever you fall, thank God.

I said with amazement: Thank God, thank Him for what?

I should despair, frustrate, cry but thank God!!!

Father said: satan’s purpose is not to fall, but to separate you from God with despair and focusing on yourself. Rather arise and say:

Thank you Lord, for your long-suffering and your patience for me. Thank you for still loving me despite my sin. Thank you because your love is not conditional on my sin. Thank you for accepting me as a son and sanctifying me despite my unworthiness.

If you did that, you will provoke satan because he didn’t achieve his purpose which is separating you from God but on the contrary you got closer to God.

I said: alright, father, I will do that from now on.

I continued: These are really important and serious things, but I didn’t pay attention to them and because of not talking frankly about them or about the practical ways to treat them, they became a scary monster even their name “secret customs” as if we are in military intelligence but it is a war like any war and if I fell, I will rise and struggle. I will never give up, but I will thank. Because of the blackout and shame, it was scaring us as a monster, while it is in front of the grace of Christ, nothing.

Father said: really, son. And not only it is nothing in front of the grace of Christ, but I will tell you something that may sound strange.

I asked: what is that, father?

Father answered: youthful habits give in the beginning of the spiritual path an awareness of the true meaning of Christianity and of Christ’s redemption for me.

I said: what is this new talk, father?

Father said: the person during his childhood is at a childish level in his relationship with Jesus, that is at the level of simple childish feelings. You ask him” does Jesus love you?” And he answers” yes, He loves me.”, you ask him” does Jesus forgive you your sins?”,he answers “ of course, he forgives me. But what is meant by sin?

As the child does not fully realize the meaning of the sin, or the meaning of guilt, or forgiveness or redemption, but when he becomes adolescent or young man, when he starts to suffer the carnal lusts, at this stage he will understand how Jesus forgives his sins and cleanses him from impurities then he will appreciate very well the redemption of Christ, this is the Christianity.

So the center of Christianity is: forgiveness and redemption of Christ, for Christ came to the earth not to give teaching or sermons or rituals (a lot of religions contain all of these), but Christ came to die instead of us, to redeem us, to cleanse us from every sin (yes, every sin- during childhood, teenage and youth period- what I remember, what I forgot and what to be ashamed to say- because if one sin only left without forgiveness, I will not be a Christian and satan will have the chance to humiliate me).

This perception (perception of the meaning of forgiveness and redemption) starts with the falling of young people in youthful habits and wet dreams, then they feel impure and sinful, at this moment they will perceive the meaning of forgiveness, redemption and the value of Christ’s death and resurrection.

I said: Oh… awesome is Christ who turns punishment into salvation and the shadow of death into spring.

Father said: one last word I will tell you, son to put it in your heart.

I said: what is it, father?

Father said: don’t let your goal to be liberated from youthful habits, but to be united with Christ.

I said: what do you mean, father?

Father said: some people all their aim of salvation from this habit is to be respectful and their goal is not the relationship with Christ. Those are very far from the spiritual life.

I said: I cannot understand you, father.

Father said: a simple question, what do you think is more serious as a sin: masturbation or arrogance?

I said: I am not sure, may be both of them are serious or dangerous.

Father said: right, both are serious. But do you think that you will be one day liberated from arrogance forever?

I said: I don’t think so.

Father said: nevertheless, this does not concern you and does not cause you anxiety, but only you strive against pride and if you fall, you rise while some coexist with pride and are satisfied with it and also justify it.

I said: do you mean that I will never be liberated from this habit?

Father said: of course not, what I mean is:

It’s very dangerous to make salvation from this habit your goal in itself and not your relationship with Christ.

In other words, there is no problem if my sin is pride or revilement (I will justify it) and then my destiny will be the hell, and no problem if Christ is sad as a father because of my justification of my sins and my satisfaction with them but the most important is to be liberated from this habit and to be respectful.

So strive, control your senses, control your lust for food and let your only goal be the Christ, the love of Christ and the bosom of Christ.

We hate this habit just because it makes us separated from Christ and it dissipates our energy. The secret of our victory is to return quickly, repent and believe in forgiveness, practice sacraments until our energy is renewed, so we can strive again and invest our energy in better way.

Before leaving you, we can revise the whole subject:

The condition of liberation:

Hit the bottom (perception: sin humiliation- the bitterness of the sin- the death of the sin)

Three things help you to be liberated from youthful habits:

  • Perception (I cannot alone- God can- it needs time)
  • Control of senses (sight- touch)
  • Control lust for food

Three things speed up liberation:

  • Believing that I am child of God and I am holy by His dwelling in me.
  • Believing in complete instant forgiveness (I am a hero not a betrayer)
  • Having hope in good eternity and believing that it begins from here.

Three things for liberation from porn movies:

  • Convincing (ASPOCID)
  • Abstinence (one minute- two minutes……delay)
  • Gratification (longing prayer)

The practical discipline for today is: how to provoke satan” whenever you fall, thank God”

I said: please father, tell me a new song.

Father said: the song for today is holiness song (Ephesians 2:19)

 (We are not strangers nor foreigners)

 (We are fellow citizens)

 (With the saints and members of the household of God)

Father continues: I will leave you today but next time I want to hear questions from you after you try these practical steps, lest all of this be just words without meaning.

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