The Youth Power Secret (1) (16)

The Youth Power Secret (1) (15)



Masturbation or youth habit is one of the things that fight young people fiercely at the most important period in their lives and make them feel inferior and separate from God.

But the truth is that God is kind and condescending, and looks at the sinner as a patient who needs treatment to help him, accept him, love him and free him.
For those who struggle and fall are seen as a wounded hero, who needs healing and encouragement.

How do I realize that, how do I accept myself and also how do I be free?

In this series we’ll take steps together, but at first you must be included in the series of basic principles of spiritual life, so that the practical steps never become a burden or worries.

This series is important for youth, and helps parents deal with their children at this important stage.

The Lord Jesus gives his youth strength and holiness, with the intercession of our Mother Mary and the prayers of our Father Pope Tawadros II, and to our God the glory in his Church forever amen.

I walked my way to father, while I’m dragging my legs, exhausting, tired, nerve-racking, and in the rock bottom.
The reason is my sin, which affects me completely spiritually, psychologically and physically.

And I said to myself, “There is no need today to hide the truth, I will speak to my father honestly.”

The young habit that has been bothering me for a long time has exhausted me, and failed to deal with and to be free from its captivity.

Although I have walked the spiritual path many times, I am no longer as despairing as before, I trust that God accepts me, loves me and forgives me for my sins no matter what.

But falling a lot is tired and wasting my energy and affecting my psyche, the days pass as if I’m not a live, days that do not count in my life, days of death not life, days of tiredness not rest, days of misery not joy.

I reached my father after I was tired of thinking and tired of the journey, my body in these days is very tired, and the soul is depressing I can’t stand anyone even myself.
It feels like every day there’s someone waiting for you at the beginning of the road to slap you on your back neck, but you can’t stop it! It’s a humiliating and shameful feeling؛ Father came and found me in this miserable and tired state, greeted me, then looked at me closely and said, “How are you?”.

I said, “In tiredness, pain and stressful sound.” thank God.
But I’m psychologically tired and physically exhausted, this is because of the repeated fall in youth wars, whether by my will or not, and any fall of this kind, Father, makes me psychologically tired and physically stressed, despite my confidence in God’s acceptance and forgiveness, but I also want freedom, I want to feel that I am not a slave, I want true freedom not by words!!

He looked at me with love and said: I understand you, son, we will speak today clearly and frankly, but also we will talk about practical steps that need seriousness and manhood, not transient cravings and temporary desires that evade responsibilities and disappear when faced with reality.

I said: I think I drank from the cup of bitterness to the end, I just hated the fall and i knew the meaning of humiliation, sad soul, the exhausted body and the wasted energy, and I really knew the meaning of death; and I’ve tested that the sin’s fare is deadly at this moment, and I don’t wait for hell till die, but from now have tasted it.

 Every time I fall into these habits, I drink from the cup of death and swallow the bitterness of hell, and if there is enjoyment in the sin it is for moments, indeed moments, not minutes, moments that end with feeling of death and bitterness that lasts.

He said: Today, my son, we will talk clearly about how to be free from youth habit or masturbation as they say, and not only that, but we will explain how the young man lives in the purity of the body and the power of the soul, and we will talk about the conditions of liberation and the steps of liberation.

I said: So, Father, I’m relieved and feeling good. that you will speak to me clearly and honestly, and also, very important that we will talk about practical steps, I have tried it several times in many things and found its usefulness, whether in controlling thought or in reading the Bible.

 Now, I’m all ears and completely obeyed your guidance, Father.

He said: First we will talk about the condition of emancipation.

I said, “One condition! What is it, Father?

He said: Yes, one condition is the beginning of liberation:


I said, “What does it mean to hit the bottom?”

He Said: It means that I hated this sin so much, that (I have reached the end) as they say, or (I have reached the bottom), i.e. That’s the end, and there’s no other decision left, I want freedom at any cost, and if I can’t find it, I will be in doom.

This is what the prodigal son has reached, that he didn’t return to his father until he said (I am starving).

 If he had any hope in his friends or in some money from his work and diligence, he couldn’t have returned to his father.

It’s Human Perception.

I said: That’s what I realized, Father, sin is bitterness, tiredness, humiliation and actual death.

He said: There are three things you should know about sin in general.

A slave of lust is more humiliated than a slave of slavery.

(St. Augustine)

Brotherly Love

Father. Tadros Yaacoub. p 32.

1st: Awareness of Sin humiliation:

Sin humiliates man and makes him a slave, and The Lord Jesus said, “Whoever does sin is a slave to sin.” John 8:34.

Someone mentioned this story

saying: I used to smoke cigarettes; thinking it was some kind of manhood and power.

One day, I was walking on the road and didn’t have a sulfur to light the cigarette, so I found a cigarette neck on fire, so I went down to the ground to take it, but it was next to a pool of sewage, at first I feared for not to slip in to the sewage pool so I walked, but I couldn’t bear it, after 4 or 5 meters I came back again to take the neck of the cigarette, so I slipped my leg and fell into the rotten water pool, the situation was really humiliating and disgusting.

 Since then I made the decision to quit the cigarettes and I said enough humiliation.

And likewise, if the young man doesn’t realize that these youth habits or (porn movies) have no enjoyment, only temporary enjoyment followed by a sense of humiliation and oppression, I’m a slave to something that humiliating me, insulting me, even kills me, and if you don’t reach this realization, you will never be free.

I said: In terms of understanding humiliation and oppression, this is well understood, it’s enough to feel slaved like I’m tied up in a chain.
“Forgive me, Father.” I became like a dog driven by his owner however he wanted, or like a camel tied up from his nose، when they like to make him kneel to the ground they pull him out of this humiliating chain.
How many times I try to pray! or read in the Bible! but I couldn’t because of my many falls in these bad habits.

He said “interrupting me”:

Nothing ever prevents you from praying or the Bible, son.
These spiritual things are the cure for liberation, and give you true satiety so you can trample these false pleasures.

And these we’ll talk about in detail in the steps of emancipation, let’s talk about understanding humiliation and oppression first.

A rich person from a prestigious family, he drifted into the habit of drinking alcohol, it begins with something simple as drink on the holidays to be happy, but at the age of 15, he tried to drink without the knowledge of his family, a bigger quantity and he knew what it meant to be drunk.


He began to drink not on holidays only but at any time when he was upset or feel bored, he knew the way to bars and bad friends, and because he is a rich man, he found many followers and hypocrites.

He grew up and his habit grows with him.
Then he gets married and had children, but he getting more and more drinking, and with time began to sell his property and became neglected his work and not paying attention to his property.
One day, he was drunk and sold 10 acres, and again signed checks and he gradually slipping into this well.
Then his family left him alone after he sold all his property, and ended up in prison.

Sin is truly humiliation and shame.

I said: Really, Father, I know a lot of these stories, all sin is humiliation and shame.

He said:

At the Beginning of any habits is an Experience and then Enjoying and gradual until you reach Addiction and that’s where Humiliation and Shame begin.

As the Apostle Peter says: While they promise them liberty “Let’s live our lives”, they themselves are the servants of corruption for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage  “2nd Peter 2: 19”.

In order for man to be free, he must realize the true humiliation of this habit and shout and ask for liberation, God intervene to rid the sons of Israel from their bondage in Egypt when they shouted from slavery. “Exodus 13”.
Lord Jesus did a miracle fishing with Peter after he said: “we were tired all night and we didn’t catch anything”.  ” Luke 5: 5″.

And in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea, when they shouted. ” Matthew 14: 25 “
But if a man does not realize the humiliation of sin and it’s bondage he will not be free, God will not be able to free him, because he didn’t ask for it, because he will feel free, and The Lord Jesus said “The healthy do not need a doctor but the sick. “Matthew 9:12”


If a man does not realize the humiliation and bondage of sin, he will not realize that there is something called freedom in the first place, and he will never ask for it, but will live with humiliation and slavery.

God wants to know whether the human being wants freedom from his heart or is it just unreal longings?

 Does he have a real longing for liberation from this humiliation, or is he with two hearts, as they say, an eye in heaven and an eye in hell? 1

So, when Lord Jesus loved to heal the patient of the pool of Beit Hasda, who had been lying next to the pond for 38 years, he said to him, “First, do you want to acquittal?!

I said: Suppose someone didn’t realize the whole meaning of humiliation as you say, Father, is really two-hearted, does he have hope for freedom?

He said: With Christ, everyone has hope, no matter what his condition, the mere fact that man comes to the Lord Jesus will not take him out.

But it will take some time for the holy spirit to enlighten man, and to know that there is freedom, because man, perhaps because of the surrounding community, thinks that this is life, and all people are slaves, so let’s live as slaves.

There was a tribe of African tribes that people were walking among the banana trees but never tasted it, but they described it as the trees that had a bitter fruit and they hated it, until someone from Europe came and touted them to eat the heart of bananas and not the peel.

Another person from a random and difficult area, sewage and garbage dump everywhere, he got immigration and travelled to America.

and after five years he came back to his family to visit them, and found the area as it is, he said ‘this is not a life to live” but they were surprised, what do you mean???

As a result of fact that man lives in the midst of all humiliation and slavery, he may think that this is life and there is no meaning more beautiful and sweeter, all he knows about life is humiliation and bondage for evil and sin and surrender to that (all people are like that) as we hear many young people say.

“I will burn in hell/a chalet barrier in hell.” he said in the tongue of Satan, so that man would lose his hope and surrender to his impure servants and live with the filth of sin, and die hope within him.

As for true freedom, spiritual joy, inner peace, control over the devil, his desires and his habits, haven’t reached for us!, and all that has come to us is that this is a sin and this is impure, but there is the possibility of freedom! there is a true joy! and there is a saviour! that doesn’t exist!!!

I said: Are there practical steps to let a man know that there is freedom, and know the meaning of humiliation and slavery, Father?

He said: Yes, and this we have taken before when we talked about the frequent fall which is “Asposide”.

The person says, “Oh Lord, let me know the ugliness of my sin, and accepting your love, and make me realize the meaning of humiliation and slavery.

Those who didn’t realize from their depths that sin and bitterness for any reason whatsoever, whether to the community in which he was raised, that he didn’t know there was another kind of beautiful, clean, pure and joyful life filled with freedom.

Or because there is love within him for evil and sin, despite his awareness on the level of mind for the ugliness of humiliation and bondage, for such people to stop every pray.

I said “Interrupting”: You means that they never have to pray, Father? There’s no hope for them?

He said: Hey, my son, they stop every prayer and focus all day on the “Asposid” – Oh Lord, let me know the ugliness of my sin and made me accept your love – a thousand times/2,000 times, all day long the constant cry to The Lord Jesus until the Holy Spirit illuminates his depths and knows the meaning of humiliation and slavery and gives him a sense of freedom and joy.

I said, “This is all about realizing the humiliation of sin, and what about the bitterness of sin?”

He said: We talked about the realization of this sin and that it insults man and makes him a slave to evil.

Secondly: the realization of the bitterness of sin means the realization that sin does not have something beautiful, but all bitterness, i.e. it makes the soul bitter, sad and depressing.

I said: “I like to say my opinion on that, Father, that there are those who think that sin is enjoyed even if temporary, and that’s why the young man is heading for sin?”.

He said: He really goes to sin because there is a temporary enjoyment of it, not only that, but for other important reasons that we will know later.
As for temporary enjoyment, it is very temporary if you want for seconds or for a moment, do you want to know its exact duration?

I said, “Can you measure the time of sin, Father?”

He said: It is possible, my son, it is equal to the time of enjoying a beautiful meal, when you eat delicious food, chicken, meat, cake, or something nice, you like, you enjoy it for a moment, You enjoy it for a moment, and once the food comes down the stomach until it’s all over.
Who eats chicken like the one who ate beans, and who ate cakes like the one who ate tamya, nothing to mention after he was swallowed, but if the cakes had a deadly poison in it? What does man enjoy?

I said: He will first enjoy the beautiful taste, but once the poison comes down to his stomach he begins to tired, pain and torment.

He said: Indeed, depending on the severity of the poison is the time of suffering, there is someone who gets vomiting and diarrhea, and there are those who don’t feel anything, but slowly his cells begin to die, and he die slowly or get cancer.

Also, each type of sin, which has its damage and bitterness, the time of enjoyment is temporary and disappears after moments and seconds, while the time of bitterness lasts and its effect remains for a lifetime.

I heard this story, my son, about a Christian woman from a respectable family, who married and had a son and a daughter in college and her husband is a successful businessman.

But it wasn’t a house of Jesus, and the altar of the family was destroyed and no one to restore, no Gospel or prayer.
But only eating, drinking, hangout and temporary enjoyment.

I said, “Is this a sin?”

He said: Of course not, anything as long as within the frame of the will is not a sin, but isn’t enough, these things in themselves are not a sin, but sin is the feeling of sufficiency, and the belief that these things are the whole life, and this sufficiency makes us facing with arrows of Satan.

Then, this lady started to enter the Facebook and started to communicate with a Non-Christian person and started telling him her problems, and that her husband is busy all the time at work, and she is all day long at home feel boring and not who hears her.
She began to emotionally attachment with him and increased until it reached to addiction, the relationship didn’t stop there, But the little foxes grew up and become savaged.

Every habit if hand over by your choice, will eventually become your master, and you will have to go before her forcibly without your choice.
St. Isaac the Syriac
The Paradise of the Desert Fathers p. 235

He began to visit her at home in the absence of her husband and children, and it developed until he practiced with her the sin and evil, not only that, but photographed her through the laptop without her knowledge, and when she wanted one day to stop, he sent to her husband and children videos pictured on Facebook, her husband and kids couldn’t bear the shock, they left Egypt and migrated without return, leaving this lady to swallow the bitterness of sin.

I said, “Oh, my God, is this real or a story of clarification, Father?”

He said: The truth is more difficult, and the reality is bitter and the stories are too many, sin is bitter, my son, and destructive, and begins with small foxes and then develop into a predator lion.

Begins with the sweetness of emotion and beauty of emotions and then let the human bleed to die when he swallows bitterness and torment, so that no one is far from the target of arrows.
The sin of impurity and evil has put many wounded and those who killed are strong (Proverbs 7: 26), no one is stronger than Samson and not wiser than Solomon, we have no fortress except the Lord Jesus and our weapon is the Bible, our steadfastness in repentance and the confidence of forgiveness and intake of body and blood.

Any house where there is no family altar, and anyone who has nothing to do with the Bible, and there is no true love for Jesus as a father and a friend who is full of love, is in the target of impurity arrows.

I said: Really, Father, but how is all this linked to the youth habits?

He said: Forgive me, my son, we provide examples of sins that have generally become habits, and any sin I leave my will to and submit to it, with time it becomes a habit, which printing itself in the mind and will, and become a ruthless master holding the whips and bridle to lead the self against her will and taste it bitterness and torment, youth habits when it controls the young man, make him a slave and make him live in humiliation and slavery, and doesn’t know the meaning of freedom for which Christ came for.

As the Scripture says, “Like a bull that goes to be slaughtered, and like a fool to be punished2 (Proverbs 7:22).

That makes the man feels humiliated and bound by iron restrictions, dragged by his cruel master every day in order to whip him and can’t speak, and taste the bitterness that the Scripture said “Drop as a honeycomb … But her end is bitter as wormwood” (Proverbs 5:3,4).

The believer distinguishes between Christian chastity, which is a positive process, in which the man be careful but without disgust of sexuality instinct, but suppression is a negative process, an escape from reality, dominated by the centrality of the ego in a hidden way.
Saint Clement of Alexandria Brotherly love P.38

In the beginning, it’s a temporary enjoyment but the bitterness you follow lasts long.

Don’t you realize how many houses have been destroyed, and how many families have broken up because of this habit, my son.

I said, “Surprisingly,” how Father, isn’t it just hurting the person alone! and he the one who taste bitterness alone and lives the slavery that he chooses for himself?! what is the connection with families and homes?

He said: Indeed, whoever leaves himself to this habit swallows’ bitterness and lives slavery lonely.
but after marriage it’s different, he becomes used to it and doesn’t know how to live as a good husband with his wife, so he lives united with himself, steals the temporary pleasure that is followed by the permanent bitterness and leaves his wife alone, as if she did not marry, and be in a bad mood and feels helpless and starts quarrelling with her.

And that’s where it starts to destruction of houses, separation, divorce and the demanding with the second marriage, even if the 10th Marriage, but the person isn’t freed from this evil habit, he will not be able to become a good husband, bitterness will follow him and humiliation will accompany too.

A church server said that 80% of the marital problems are due to this habit, while the wife feels alone, her husband feels helpless and both are swallow’s bitterness and torment.

So we find youth even men and elders when they fall into lust, They get upset that they fall into despair or boredom, which increases their fall in lust even more, and despite their grief over their fall they don’t back to chastity.
And here is come the Priest’s work that taking these people to the positive side: God’s love, prayer, communion, and reassurance to their hearts that God is capable of taking war away.
But if he hears a keen rebuke and reads about the ugliness of sin and its effects and his heart trembles from it, and even if he is determined to leave it, it soon declines to deeper, more evil and even harsher.
“ Brotherly Love “
Fr. Tadros Yaacoub. page 43

I said: Shocking and frank words, Father, for the first time I hear it, but I’m used from you on shocks and new words, but in doing so you put your hand on the disease and the real reasons, I wish the church servants and specialists know this and explain it to people, families, to husbands until they repent, and for wives to bear and pray for their husbands till God set them free .

But, Father, so far you haven’t offered me a practical solution, just explaining the impact of sin beside its humiliation and bondage, So I need the solution details.

He said: Sure, we have to know the solution and practical steps, but as I said because these steps are difficult, we must hit the bottom completely, by:

1st: Realizing sin’s humiliation.

2nd: Realizing sin’s bitterness.

3rd: Realizing the death of sin.

I said, “What does it mean to realize the death of sin?”

He said: “Whoever does sin thinks that he “living his life”, or as the youth say, “Let us live our lives”, and they don’t realize that they living their death as the Book says, “You have a name that you are alive and you are dead”(Revelation 3:1).

Death comes in three levels (spiritual, psychological and physical level).

Spiritual level: – After sin, man feels separated from God, because of man’s impurity, which is incompatible with God’s holiness, that makes man escapes from God.

God is life, and when man walks away from him, he enters the circle of death and gradually suffocates, so young man feels after sin that he is suffocating and gradually death.

God is the light and when man falls into sin, he enters the suffocating darkness and can’t come to light.

One of the writers tells this story:
Someone in hell started screaming and complaining loudly, I’m oppressed, it’s unfair to be in hell, I want to be retried again.
Then an angel came to hell, asking him to rise up from hell to be retried as he requested, but something strange happened.

A brother asks a spiritual father:
If the demons fought me with thought impurity or seduction of the night “the wet dream”, they preventing me from praying, that keep telling me you are impure. Father said: If a mother put her son on the floor and he was dirty, it’s when he sees her, he raise his hands towards her while his eyes full of tears.
She take him in her lap and don’t even look at his dirtiness.
Thus, if we fall into any sin, let’s hurry to God weeping, that he will accepting us amid our impurity and purify us.

The Paradise of the Desert Fathers. P. 197

It was weird that when this person began to emerge from the darkness of hell into the light, he couldn’t bear, because it began to shown all his sins and impurity of himself that he didn’t bear, but he quickly returned to the darkness of hell and cursing the light and said “I don’t want, I don’t want really as the Lord Jesus said; “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”(Jn 3:19).

God will not torture people but will condemn them for their evil deeds and their love for impurity and sin, that’s death and this is suffering and hell3, there is no need that human die to feel it, but already felt by all those who separated from God the source of life and light.


Because of his satisfaction with sin and impurity, this begins now, and known to anyone who falls in any bad habit or impurity.
And all of that you can escaping from, by the amuses and busy life, but remains something that you can’t escape from it’s the loss of meaning of existence (whether life or after death) and this will discuss in detail when we talk about the causes of Atheism.

I said, “Enough, Father, enough, I know what anxiety, depression and frustration means, this is death, but what is the solution to this death?”

He said: The solution to spiritual death is the trust of full and immediate forgiveness, if the man doesn’t trust that God already forgiven him, and not only forgives him, but is seen as a wounded hero and not a humiliating traitor, he will never be free.

God forgives and accepts immediately, He won’t allow the human to bleed till the end of the month or the day, but when he look at him with his broken heart and soul, will not bear but immediately will take him in his lap saying, you are my son, my love, you will get better soon.

He bandaging his wounds and tightening him then tell him don’t worry I’ll be with you and you’ll win next time.
As for the sense of guilt and sin, “God forgiveness or not ” maybe at the end of the month or the week, makes the person get used to rejection and the feeling of impurity and inferiority.
Like a child when he pees on himself, what does his mother do with him? I said, “Clean him up fast and patted him on his back”.

He said: When she do that he get used to hygiene, but if the mother left her son in his filth saying that as long as he gets dirty constantly, I will leave him till the end of week then wash him, and to be cured from his disease too, what will happen to that child! And what do you say about his mother?

I said: the baby will rot and decompose, and no way to be his mother, they should prosecute and execute her in a public arena, how to leave her son in his filth for the end of the week!! Not even for the end of the day the baby can’t take it.

He said: God too can never be so!.
(the story of mother and son has a sequel that will be shocking to you) ، Just going back to him and crying in front of him, makes him forgive and completely cleansed, not just for the end of the day or week.

 A child whose mother leaves him in his filth gets used to filth and doesn’t feel it over time, who doesn’t trust his forgiveness like that, he gets used to rejection and impurity, and why he strives as long as he is rejected and impure?!.
As someone wearing new clothes (for example wearing the feast clothes) will preserve it well, but if the clothes are all patches, why he will keep it!!, quickly return and trust in forgiveness and acceptance as soon as you throw in the lap of your heavenly father, praying and say I made a mistake, it is his responsibility to clean and disinfect.

Death at the psychological level is the loss of happiness and entry into despair, because losing of peace and interference into disorder and anxiety causes death to himself, and when a man falls into this habit, he tired and become unable to deal with anyone on this day.

This is why adolescents’ psychology has changed rapidly, sometimes it’s a happy day and sometimes a sad day, a day of accept and love life and a day of unloved and suicidal thinking, a day that feel God’s existence, his paternity and a day of coolness.

I said: This is all the reason, father, for our feelings to change in adolescence!!

He said: Yes, my son, this is the main reason for this, man must accept himself and know that he is in war with Satan.

And not because he was hurt, it’s mean that he has been rejected by God or that he has become a traitor, but a hero who has been injured as he struggles.

Fathers and mothers must accept their children, feel them, give them unconditional love and persistence in their acceptance, however, their feelings may change.
It’s enough for children the sin bitterness and the Satan wars against them

The solution to psychological death is the trust of acceptance from God, acceptance of self and acceptance of family.

A family that knows how to accepts their children, endures them in a time of distress, bitterness, loss of feelings and times of grief, help their children to freedom.
It reflects God’s unconditional acceptance no matter what their weaknesses, sins and this encourages them to repent

This, too, should be when wives accept their husbands4 in such times, and this change of feelings and volatility of moods, in which all men, women, young men and young women enter.


Everyone should accept each other, in the families and houses, as Christ accepting us and that without preconditions “Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God” (Rom15:7)
Scripture says, this is the cause of peace and joy in the Christian houses that live a real Christian life, Acceptance Whatever the emotions change, helps freedom and makes feelings start to settle, and we feel the sense of forgiveness and the sense of rejoicing at all times and in the sense that no one or anything can take away this joy from us.

I said: Great words, Father, and actually the most thing that affects the human soul is the feeling of acceptance without conditions, and this makes man knows that his value in himself not in his actions, but the feeling of acceptance in the time of fatigue, bitterness and fall expresses, show us that God helps the person to be hardening, and fighting sin.

I hope that all the servants have the thought of Christ, the love of Christ and the acceptance of Christ, and also the families have to accept us as a young people and accept our changes and tolerate our turmoil and fatigue.

He said: Christ accepts us unconditionally acceptance, and as we mentioned before this is the secret of the sinner’s change, Christ has accepted the adulterers and thieves first and then helped them and gave them the power to be free from sin.

The spiritual level of death is our separation from God and the dissolution of confidence in forgiveness, and the psychological level of death is our entry into gloom and bitterness and narrowness and dissolution of acceptance (God accepts me and others accept me and I accept myself).

The third level is:
Physical level:

The death that done by sin in us, makes the spirit separate from God and we have a sense of alienation from being with God (spiritual death), and this leads us to enter into despair and soul grief (psychological death).

This all affects the activity of the body and puts us into a gradual death, but most directly affects the body, which is the fall in adultery or the fall of the youth habit, says Saint Paul ” Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body”. (1Cor 6:18)

Falling into youth habits boils down the body, because our body has a limited energy, so when we waste it passively, we no longer have any to invest positively.

I said: What you mean, Father?


He said: Whoever falls into youth habits remains all day feeling separated from God, and the solution is repentance and confidence of full forgiveness, God accepts us whatever our weaknesses or sins.5

I said: But the fall does not remain a betrayal?

He said: Of course not, this is weakness!

I said: I mean, not sin!! That I Fall down then saying I’m weak?!

He said: focused, my son to not lost me here, because this speech is extremely important to say ”A sin because of weakness, means you are a hero and injured not coexist with the wound lest you die, and also not to fear from going to your leader and your doctor, and think that he will consider you a traitor and punish you, But the devil likes to show you as a traitor in order to separate you from God the source of your strength and healing.
But God looks at you as a hero in the battle was injured love and accept you.
Or a son which beaten and injured by a gang, he will not increase his wounds or punish him, but healing his wounds and wipe away his tears, so that how God works with us”.


I said: Oh really, Father?

He said: Because of feeling that I’m a traitor and sinner separates me from the source of the solution (God) and kept me in the problem, Kept me away from the source of treatment and retained in the disease suffering alone, but if I believe in God’s acceptance and forgiveness, I’ll start taking the power and help to resist the devil and sin, so that I overcome the death of the spirit (the confidence of forgiveness), and the death of the soul (with confidence acceptance), and in the day I fall I feel bitterness, I enjoyed a temporary pleasure for moments but followed by bitterness and sorrow lasts the whole day, and solving is the feeling that God accepting me, look at me as a patient and compassion, also help when I accepted by others around me .

God accepted me, viewed me as a patient, attached to my current situation and helped in that my acceptance of the others around me.
On the body level, the body loses energy; on this day, man feels weak, lazy and inert, and his activity, his achievements and abilities are reduced, and despite the confidence of forgiveness and the confidence of acceptance, the energy has been wasted and the body remains tired and exhausted. Therefore, the famous statement of Father Bishoy Kamil clearly shown here which is

Youth who directs his energy and raise it above, can perform great works that glorify God, benefit his community, make his family happy, give meaning to life, also a clear and happy fruitful result in his life.

I said: How can I positively direct this energy, Father?

He said: This is the beginning of practical steps, my son, in the way of liberation from these destructive habits of spirit, soul and body, and we focus on directing energy because this is the most important point in this subject because the other points we talked about before in detail.

I said: Now I rest, I’m all ears, I have fallen into the bottom to the end, as I have seen the meaning of humiliation, bitterness and death until the end, so without this clarification, I was living with sin, underestimates and surrendered.


And I don’t know their devastating impact and deadly results for my life at all levels, not just for me, but for everyone around me, and as if the treatment is not a problem that “came or didn’t come, we live like all the young” and I didn’t know how much humiliation, bitterness, death and destruction I actually reached the end.

I also understood that I am not a traitor nor a sinner, but weak and God forgive me and accept me with joy and also will not leave me in my weakness, but he will strengthen me, help me and free me from this weakness.

He said: This is the important a condition so that God can intervene, which the man realize that he perishes, and that sin is death, as the prodigal son” I perish with hunger “, he said.

Also, as long as he struggles against sin, he is not a traitor but weak, yet he holds on to the hope that the Lord must strengthen and free him.

I’ll leave you now and will complete the emancipation practical steps next time.

My advice now for you and everyone reading this booklet, that if he aware by this realization, let him complete the practical steps; If he doesn’t realize yet (whether perception of sin fatigue, or realize that he is loved not a traitor and he only weak) as should be, he must stop at this part and keep asking “Oh Lord, let me know the ugliness of my sin, and accepting your love

 (Asposide) .

 For three days, then he completes reading so that the practical steps do not become a burden on him, and makes him doubt, and he may surrender and not complete until he reaches liberation.

I said: Won’t you tell me my practical training for today or a new song, Father?

He Said: only this week Asposide 100 time a day and the song of love “Isaiah 43: 4” which we mentioned before.

(Since you were…. precious in My sight

You have been honored …… and I have loved you 2

Thank you …….. Thank you, Lord 2).



1 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. “Matthew 6: 24″

2 It mean, of course, those who leave themselves to this habit, until it becomes an addiction, then they accept and justify it, and not those who fall and rise, they struggle and have a garland.

3 (They also say that the blood of the deceased continues to haunt the killer to death, the deceased dies once while the killer dies every day and every moment and this is hell).

4 Girls and women need unconditional acceptance at times of menstruation.

5 Confidence of forgiveness and certainty of acceptance are the solution to fatigue of spirit and soul.

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