The password for growth and continuity in the spiritual life (31)

The password for growth and continuity in the spiritual life

By: Servants at Godlovehostel for Expatriate Students

Translated by: Beshoy Shokry.

Edition: 1st-2016.

Deposit No: 7455/2016.

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I went to my father, to hear what he’s going to talk to me about this time. Because he promised me, he’d tell me the password for growth and continuity in the spiritual life. Many wanted to start their spiritual lives, but they did not go on, and eventually, they were despondent and frustrated. When I arrived at my father, I told him that you had promised to tell me about the password to continue in spiritual life today. So, what is it, father?

 God is our leader, Satan is our destroyer, the leader gives his commandment and the destroyer suggests a hoax. Should we heed the command or the hoax?!

st. Augustinus

Satan and our victory over him p. 119

He said: The password for any person to continue in his spiritual life is:

The Hope

Without Hope, no one can continue his spiritual life, no matter How passionate or industrious he may be.

I said: The word seems simple, but what is hope and how do I acquire it?

He said: Hope is waiting for something that doesn’t exist right now, but looking at it and waiting for it to be true. Like a student who studies must have a hope of success. Because if he loses his hope of success, he won’t study. His effort makes no sense. A soldier in war must also have the hope of victory to continue his fight against the enemy. So, in war, the enemy focuses on demoralization the soldiers so that they can lose power easily and be defeated.

In an ancient war, one tribe fought a war with another. However, compared with the other tribe, the strength of its army was runs to deceit by sending spies to the other tribe to make them believe that the tribe they were going to fight had supernatural power and had horsemen’s brutal. unfortunately, people began to believe it, and were terrified by the news and lost their hope of victory.

Many fled the war, and those who fought the war were without hope. Eventually, they defeated, many of them were killed, and the rest were taken captive to the other tribe. Timely, they knew all they heard was lies and deceit.

This is the strategy the devil uses with us, Deception, and Misleading. He tries to convince us that he is the invincible enemy and that there is no hope. If we believe these lies, we will be defeated and destroyed. Anyone who believes this liar surrenders before fighting a war and eventually becomes a slave to Satan and his soldiers.

 I said: what’s the difference between faith and hope?

He said: Faith is closely linked to hope, for faith is a trust that you will get what you hope for. As the Gospel says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews11: 1)

If there is nothing I wish for, then there is no meaning to faith.

I said: What are the things I have to hope for in my spiritual life?

He said: The first hope of our spiritual journey is:

The day of rest

when someone walks not after the flesh, but after the spirit. Old nature draws it to the past.

I said: what’s the difference between old nature and the devil’s war?

 He said: The war of old nature is an internal war that comes out of the traits we inherited from Adam. But Jesus came and gave us a new nature “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”.  We took on the new nature in baptism, and in this nature, we grew slightly as a fetus grows after birth. As anba Makkar said “The fetus in the mother’s uterus does not form into a perfect human at once. Rather, the picture is gradually formed until he is born, and even at birth, he takes years to grow into a man[1].

The child is feeding order to grow into a man, as we are nourished by the word of god, by prayer, and by all means of grace, with the hope of growing in new nature and resting from the prevailing of old nature. Without hope, there would be no motive for spiritual nourishment.

In a small village, there was a rich man with no children. His poor neighbor had six children. The rich man became evil jealous. He began spreading wicked thoughts into one of his neighbor’s children. He started to convince him that he would not grow up and that he would stay as short as the trolls on TV, that no matter what he ate, he would not grow. Because the baby was young, convinced by this wicked word, became depressed, lost appetite, and began to weep for a long time. Thus, no man is confident that he will grow up in his spiritual life, that he will have a new nature at baptism, and that the time will come when he will be free from the old man and his desires[2]. He will grieve and despair and lose his appetite for spiritual things.

  • the prevailing of old nature
  • old nature (up)

new nature (down)

   the day of rest

   old nature (down)

   new nature (up)

Our first hope is the hope of liberation from the old nature of Adam and growth in the new nature of Christ.

 I said: Will the day come when we will be rid of old nature?

 He said: The relationship between old nature and new nature is inverse. As new nature grows, the old one decreases, and vice versa. As long as we live, our roots will remain and we will be set free from them completely when the spirit leaves the body.

I said: according to Isaiah14: 3” And it shall come to pass in the day that the LORD shall give thee rest from thy sorrow”  Will it is in this life or when I die?

He said: Really, my son, And it shall come to pass in the day that the LORD shall give thee rest from thy sorrow  When supremacy of new nature.

the day of rest

old nature ( 0%)

new nature (up)

the new nature is nourished by his relationship with the source of nourishment (Christ), it will become more powerful and growing. But if we neglect to feed it, we let the old nature grow through the world and its wickedness. It will have supremacy, and its evil inclination and appetites will grow.

Unfortunately, many have lost hope that the day of rest will come. So, they give up on the desires of the old man.

I said: Really, father, no one has said such a thing to me. My friends don’t know anything like that either. Or there is a hope or the day of rest will come. So, after many sins, we see no fruit. that’s because we don’t know there’s any hope or comfort here or in eternity.

He said: The day of rest must come, my son, for this is what Christ came for[3], so we must hold on to this hope. as anba Makkar said “True Christians see eternal good as in a mirror, that’s because they have the holy spirit and his communion. Being born of God and having the privilege of becoming god’s children by truth and deed. After a war with Satan and prolonged weariness, they reach a stable state of liberty and be liberated from disturbances”[4].

Those who began their spiritual life would inevitably face difficulties because of ancient nature. Moreover, spiritual matters also become difficult such as prayer and reading the Bible. Rejecting wicked things will be harder if he does not have hope but will surely reach the day of rest. It is that day when spiritual things become so joyful and loving that he no longer does or even yearns for evil things as he once did.

 I said: How can I make this period as short as possible?

He said: by three things:-

Firstly: Persevering in feeding the new man through prayer and the bible. And not depend on your feelings but on awareness. Because feelings are changing, especially at the beginning of spiritual life.

Secondly: Humility and constantly seeking God’s help. God is the source of our strength and life.

 through humility, the pride of a deceiver has been bending. And underfoot of the peaceable meek.  Saint Sava

Satan and our victory over him p. 100


Whenever we are close to him and in constant contact with him, we grow, draw strength from him, and take his image and likeness. Like a branch, the longer it stays in the vine, the stronger it grows. On the contrary, the further away we go, the weaker we die.

Thirdly: Distance from evil communication and making the senses sacred.

Abide in Christ, my son, through constant prayer and friendship with him. Keep feeding through god’s word. May you have hope on the day of rest in which the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from the hard bondage of old nature. If you hold to this hope, you will have rest. if you lose him, there’s no meaning of your strive. Eventually, it will coexist with ancient nature “If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire”.( 1Corinthians3:15)

I said: What is second hope, father?

He said:

the hope of Victory over Satan

Our second war is with Satan, and he is fighting us with three types of war:

– Before we go to war, he fights us with pusillanimity and we cannot win.

– During the war, as soon as we fall into sin, he fights with despair.

 – When we win, he fights us with pride.

 So, hope is the password for victory over all these wars. The first war is: pusillanimity: Before we go to war, we must have the hope of winning by the grace of Christ. And we say with faith “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” (Romans 8: 37). Jesus promised and said” Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19) and also” And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.” (Romans 16:20) and “And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the LORD, to deliver thee.” (Jeremiah1:19).

 If we hold our hope in Christ and believe in his honest and faithful promises, we will victory over Satan. On the contrary, if we give up on pusillanimity, hope will be lost and we will be defeated.

Exactly what happened when God promised the children of Israel to Canaan, but ten of the men who were sent to see the land were stricken with smallness and frustration[5], so they lost hope for entry and victory in spite of God’s promises to them.

Thus, whoever succumbs to the smallness of self and lacks hope in God’s promises to him of victory will be deprived of what he has.

So, my son, beware of being smallness of self, and know your true value in the eyes of God, your beloved, and not in the eyes of Satan, who wants to destroy you, or in the eyes of people who do not know your true value[6]. God is the only one who knows your true worth because He is the One who created you in His image and likeness, He who redeemed you with His blood, and He who sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in you to teach you, comfort you, and strengthen you.

Find your true value in what God has said about you in the Bible. Because he who searches for his value away from the Bible

will be struck by smallness in self and will lose his hope in any victory over the Devil.

Your weapon against the smallness of soul is knowing regardless of your weakness, because victory is by the power of Christ and not with your own power.

I said: Indeed, Father! Our lack of knowledge of our worth made us feel small, and many of us were lost and were defeated before they entered the war. But the question is if I fight the devil and fall into sin, what should I do for I lost my hope then?!

He said: This is the second war of Satan and it is:

The war of despair. For however many times you fall, never give up. Rather, rise again and endure in fighting against Satan, as Saint Isaac the Syrian said, “I would rather die strive than live in defeat.”

And our weapon against the war of despair due to our frequent fall in our fight is the “hope of complete, immediate and free forgiveness.”

So hold on to hope, no matter how many your failures or the ugliness of your sin. And know, my son, that there is no other way to life except the Lord Jesus, and that Christ will encourage you and remain with you regardless of your weaknesses. He will be patient with you and will never neglect you or reject you. If you place this hope in your heart, you will have victory over Satan. But if hope is lost from you because of your frequent fall and despair, then you will inevitably be defeated and perished

“Satan draws us to thoughts of despair so that he cuts off our hope in God, for hope is the anchor of safety, the origin of our life, a leader on the road to heaven, salvation for lost souls …. It was said because with hope we were saved.”

Saint John (the Golden Mouth) Chrysostom

Satan and our victory over him. p. 108

A child raised wrongly, because of the absence of the father, had a strong bond of attachment to his mother. And in his adolescence, he began to show deviant sexual tendencies (homosexuality), but when he began to feel this, he did not give up, but knew the reason, which is the error in parenting. And he continued to strive and seek the blessing of Christ. Additionally, when he was fought with such tendencies, he did not give in to them, but he always went to Christ and  lied in the arms and asked for

his grace and his strength. And he began to train himself, with the help of a spiritual guide, to take responsibility and face life, and to take his emotional needs from Christ as a father and friend. He did not give in to all of the psychological pressures that he faced, and in the end, he was freed from these inclinations. Every weakness in his life turned into a point of strength; the shadow of death became a bright morning; his whole life became full of holiness and grace; and Christ became his father, friend, and source of strength and joy.

I said: But, Father, was this release easy and quick?

He said: Of course, it was not easy, but the end was happy and the change was great. But if he succumbed to such matters and made easy choices and said that this is his nature, he would have entered into a vortex of evil and impurity, his life would have been lost on Earth, and he would have lost his happy eternity in Heaven.

I said: But why do some people say that these are natural things and not sin?

He said: Be careful, my son, as these people also said before that porn is not sin but personal freedom. Then the matter evolved, and they said that there is nothing wrong with having premarital sex, as long as it is with the consent of both parties. Then

they moved to another stage and said there is no need for marriage and sex can be done without it. When they were negligent and broke the commandment, the natural progression after justifying adultery was the justification of homosexuality. As long as we begin to deny and openly break the commandment of the Bible, there will be no limits to evil and sin.

The root of the problem is not in homosexuality, but in the laxity in breaking the commandment of Christ and in the coexistence with breaking the commandment as if it is the norm.

Question, is sex outside marriage – between a young man and a girl – a sin, or not?

I said: It is a sin, Father. It is fornication as it is written in the Bible.

He said: In Europe, does society now dare to say that this is fornication and sin?! Or does the (European) Church there dare to say that this is fornication and sin?! Or is it possible now for the church there to preach or write about the seriousness of the sin of fornication?! And if that happens, would it be acceptable by those who frequent the church and call themselves Christians?!

I said: No. Unfortunately, everyone there lived with that as if it were normal

He said: Do you think that whoever lived with fornication under the hearing and sight of the teachings of the Church, would he be convinced if the church wanted to convince him that homosexuality is a sin?!

I said: Of course not. They are all sins, all of them break the commandment, and the end is one “Hell”.

He said: The real problem and catastrophe is not in homosexuality, but in abandoning the commandment of Christ and being lenient in breaking it- in the sake “keeping up with society”- as the natural result was that there were no limits to evil and sin. Today, they justify homosexuality, and tomorrow they may justify sex with animals! The day after tomorrow, they may invent sins that are in imaginable to anyone!! As it is written, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (Romans 1:28).

I asked: And what made those who were not only Christians but preached Christianity to go down that path?

He said: I think the most important reasons, in my personal opinion, are despair and loss of hope.

I said: Despair and loss of hope?! Despair of what?

He said: Despair from God accepting them and losing hope for forgiveness. From the day when the heresy of indulgences spread in Europe, their Spiritual lives were weakened and nearly destroyed.

The cornerstone of Christianity is the cross, meaning forgiveness, for Christ incarnated, was crucified, and rose to save us, meaning “he forgives our sins and returns us to happy eternity.”

When the heresy of indulgences spread, people lost their hope in their forgiveness, and thus in their happy eternity. And when they put hope in the money, they pay to receive forgiveness, they find it a false hope that does not cure the wounds of the soul or stop the bleeding of the spirit. There is no real forgiveness except with the blood of Christ[7]. As Abba Makar the Great said, “Just as the branch dries up without the vine, so also the one who desires to be justified without Christ. Just as the thief and the thief is the one who does not enter through the door, but rises from another place, so also the person who justifies himself without the one who justifies (Christ)”[8]. The only template for forgiveness is the blood of Christ, and whoever wants

to be justified or saved in another way will not work. As it is written, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

I said: But did not some schism and deny the indulgences, why did they fall into the same chasm (justifying fornication and homosexuality)?

He said: Unfortunately, some of them reverted to the opposite side altogether: some of them denied the existence of sin in the first place, and others said that when you are justified – in a moment – you do not need to continue on your spiritual path and struggle against the desires. It became a false justification; how can I say I am justified and coexist with sin and do not repent of it and do not strive against it and reject it?! So if a person reconciled with sin without realizing, the inside of the church became to him no different from what was outside it, and leaving the church he does not feel any difference, then his faith has become mere verbal theories and not a life that he lives.

I said: What is the solution, Father, and how can we prevent our youth from falling into this chasm, since it is not far from us?

He said: Indeed, my son, it is not far from us. What is fighting the West will fight us sooner or later. The solution is to refer to the Bible,

the true relationship with Christ, the knowledge of our value that we are saints, the constant repentance, and the struggle against sin. And also full confidence in complete, immediate and free forgiveness, for it is this trust that gives meaning to strive.

I said: What is the meaning of immediate, complete and free forgiveness?

“Therefore, beloved, do not postpone the work of inner purity at all, even for a brief moment, but as soon as you notice the sins of your soul, stand up and repent.”

Saint Theophan the Hermit.

Spiritual warriors p. 8

Immediate means whenever I fall and return to the arms of Christ, I trust that he will accept me and forgive me and will never tell me “tomorrow.”  But at the same time that I raise my eyes and say “I made a mistake,” he takes me on his bosom, not at the end of the week or at the end of the month. Because sin is so close to us, if we do not purify ourselves on the day, we commit it and day by day, there will be no hope or meaning for fighting. Rather, with time, we will get used to the smell of sin, forget the smell of holiness, and enter into great tribulations. As Saint Augustine says, “In the new birth font (baptism), we receive the forgiveness of all our sins. Nevertheless, we are led into great tribulations unless we receive daily forgiveness.

I said: Indeed! I and many of my friends used to postpone our repentance until the day of confession or the day of communion and say, “What is the meaning of daily repentance if the sin will not be forgiven until we go to the priest and confess? So why not live in sin and at the end of the month confess, repent and receive forgiveness once all at once?” We used to live with sin and forget the meaning of fighting against it and the meaning of holiness all together. It was really a big trap. But what is the meaning of full forgiveness?

He said: Complete forgiveness, as Saint Onesimus explained, for every sin, when I repent and say I have sinned, Christ forgives me all, not some or most, but all: what I said and what I am ashamed to say; what I did willingly and what I did unwillingly. Because if one remains, it separates me from God. If the person does not trust the forgiveness of all his/her sins, then he/she will say, “ “If I am a sinner no matter what, then there is no reason for me to exhaust myself, as it is all ultimately lost.”

I said: Actually, I know some of my women friends who always complain about the issue of shame in confessing some sins and that it is impossible for them to

“In the ‘new birth font’ we receive the forgiveness of all our sins, and yet we are led into great tribulations unless we receive the daily forgiveness” Saint Augustine

Daily encounter with my Go Father Tadros Jacob. p. 373

say these particular sins, despite their repentance. Unfortunately, in the end, when they do not find someone to tell them about their acceptance and forgiveness, whether they say these sins or not, they surrender to despair and sin and completely turn away from Christ and his love.

He said: To be honest, my son, without teaching about the complete, immediate and free forgiveness, there will be loss of many young men and women, and if we do not pay attention quickly, we will find many people coexist with sin and are separated from the Church, and what happened to Europe will befall us. Sin is close our young men and women, and even our children all the time (in the internet and their phones), and the weapon of resistance is repentance and returning to Christ and falling into His bosom every minute and not at the end of the month, whether they say or are ashamed to say their sins. It is impossible that God would prevent his son or daughter from repenting and laying down in his arms every day and say, “Come to me at the end of the month!”

I said: They may say that God accepts those who repent, while grants forgiveness at the end of the month?!

“Repentance is an antidote to the deadly pains of sin, a great torment for Satan, as it saves and frees the captives whom he labored for many years with his evil and his hardships, is gone in an hour by repentance.”

The Spiritual Father

Father’s Paradise )Bustan Al-Rahban)  p. 272

He said: Would God accept the one who repents in his arms and does not forgive him?! Would I be in the bosom of Christ and remain with my sins and my impurities?! What is the logic of this, and  what is the meaning of acceptance without complete forgiveness?! Honestly, this is not Biblical in any way possible, not even humane. If a child fell into a puddle of dirty and nasty water and came home with his dirty, smelly clothes. Would his father say to him to wait until the end of the week until we clean you up?!

I said: That is impossible. The same time that his son will return, he will clean him immediately and replace his clothes with new ones.

He said: Is the human father more kind or compassionate than God?! Whoever says that God does not forgive when I return and repent to Him – every day – does not know God or His love, and does not know the meaning of sin or the extent of its fatigue and insult!! Those Jesus Christ said about them, “Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers” (Luke 11:46).

Also, how do I pray every day and say God, “Forgive us our sins,” and I do not trust forgiveness!! Will God tell me “I will forgive you at the end of the month” !! How do I pray

every day and say, “all our sins which we committed … absolve, forgive, and remit.” And he says to me, “Not today but at the end of the month !!” Could God do that?!

I said: Impossible!

He said: And what is the meaning of or the motive for, or what is the hope at the time for me to continue praying, if the sin is still going to be there?! Saint Anba Anthony says, “Ask for repentance at every moment and do not let yourself be lazy for one moment.” If I ask for repentance all the time and don’t receive acceptance or forgiveness, then why would I ask for it?!

I said: It is a sad thing, Father, and a cause of losing many of the youth despite the goodness of their hearts, but because of the loss of hope in acceptance and daily forgiveness, they surrendered to despair and sin. No one taught us this, so the young men and women became a plaything in the hands of Satan. The wars of the new generation are difficult, and sin has become very close, just “With a click of a button”!

He said: Also, can God close his door in the face of his young daughter, who is shy by nature, because she is ashamed to confess some sins and says to her, “If you don’t say it all, you will go to hell, and I will not accept you as a daughter to

me”. Is God cruel like that?! Does He want to break and destroy tender hearts with “either say it all or no acceptance and to Hell you’ll go”?!

“Ask for repentance at every moment and do not let yourself be lazy for one moment.”

Anba Antonius

Father’s Paradise )Bustan Al-Rahban)  P. 285.

I tell you the truth, my son, these tender souls will not go to Hell, but when they repent and return, Christ will take them – at the same time they are back – in his bosom with joy. He, who accepted the sinful woman without uttering a word and forgives the one who was caught in the same act without even a word of reprimand, will accept every son and daughter of his children with their shyness and gentle nature – without words and without embarrassment – and heaven will rejoice in them more than it rejoices over the cruelty of heart and hard necks who stood at the door and want to prevent them from entering. These cruel people the Lord said about them “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered” (Luke 11:52). We must not forget the words of the Lord Jesus, “But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Matthew 9:13).

I said: Father, does this mean that there is no need for confession?

He said: We will once again talk about the importance of confession and spiritual fatherhood. But now I assure you of the necessity of constant repentance and the confidence of acceptance and forgiveness, so that young men and women do not coexist with sin and, with time, become like the youth of Europe and forget the meaning of holiness and purity.

And this is his cry for every young man and every young woman, take care of the salvation of your souls, and do not leave yourselves to the war of questioning your complete, immediate and free forgiveness – by whatever pretext – because that doubt does not only push you to despair and surrender, but rather to hell itself. Do not sacrifice your relationship with Christ, and do not neglect your happy eternity, for he knows your tender souls and appreciates your shyness, for he died for you.

The bitter truth I say with all sorrow that God will ask for the blood of young men, young women and children from our hand, if we doubt them in their acceptance. And their souls will cry out for our judgment, if we stumbled and doubted them about their complete, immediate and free forgiveness.[9]

I said: I am used to hearing bold words from you, Father, but this time I find some kind of excessive interest?

He said: Because I see that the danger is near and very urgent. Years before atheism was found in Egypt -precisely in 2005 – I told you about this danger, and in 2012 I told you about the proximity of the war to homosexuality.

I said: Indeed, Father.

He said: As for now, I tell you that the borders have become completely open. Today, the churches of Europe are only entered by a group of old men and women, and if we do not pay attention, this will happen here in our country within years. It is a long-range strategic war, as what is happening now is the harvest of tens of years of hard and tireless work to spread homosexuality and atheism (through films, series, and all media). And if we do not start developing long-term strategies in the media of all kinds (series – games – mobile applications – animation, etc.) and work on

But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand” (Ezekiel 33:6)

the unconscious and the subconscious, we will lose everything and will not find our children around us, nor our youth next to us, but we will find them entered into swirls of Pornography, homosexuality and atheism. We will discover this when it is already too late to change anything, as these children were brought up in an world that promotes and encourages such things (there are games and animations for children – from the age of two years – teach them homosexuality and pornography indirectly).

A cry from the bottom of my heart to every official in the church: “There is an urgent necessity for the church to direct a large part of its energy towards these disciplines (drama – games – mobile applications – animation, etc.) and set up a large budget and long-term plans with the participation of specialists (education – psychology – spiritual servants with a vision, etc.) to confront this dangerous war with the same weapon before it is too late. Create a parallel media that spreads the Christian principles, the love and fatherhood of Christ, the confidence of complete forgiveness and the necessity of repentance, using technology, games and mobile applications, and drama.

 Rather, we need a specialized diocese to produce all kinds of Christian media.

Nowaday,  the media is the main weapon of the devil who fights our children, and if we do not use it well, we will get defeated and lose our children easily and hand them over to the enemy. We will then be criminals because we were not honest or wise in their defense, like those who continued to fight with swords while the enemy used cannons and missiles.

So we need to wake up before it is too late and find the huge buildings in which we spent all the church’s money, just like the ancient and elegant churches of Europe are completely empty. The bitter truth is that in some places in Europe more than 75% of these churches were sold to either bars for drinking alcohol and practicing sin or for housing and other things. Whatever fights them there will fight us, and if we do not wake up and pay attention, what befell them will befall us.

I said: When do you expect this to happen, Dad?

He said: Within a few years. If we do not wake up and pay attention from now, our youth and children will coexist with evil just as the churches of Europe coexisted[10], we will not be a church, and we will not be Christians.

Children who are now being raised in pornographic cartoons and games cultivateing homosexuality in their minds, what do we expect of them?

“Your children will always be rich enough if they accept from you a good upbringing that is able to manage their moral lives and their behavior. Kindly observe their behavior, their acquaintances, and their friends, and do not expect any mercy to come from God if you do not fulfill this duty.”

Saint John (the Golden Mouth) Chrysostom

Katikism, Part 3, p.9

A young man told me that there is a mobile app that when you put a picture of the boy, it turns it into a girl, and the girl’s picture into a boy, and everyone is happy with that. They do not know that this is brainwashing them to accept the idea and concept of homosexuality. Another said to me that there is an emoji that covertly encourages homosexuality (a child marries a child).

The next generation is a poor generation and its wars are very difficult. Those who work with Satan do not sleep, work in a highly professional manner, in an organized and strategic manner.

They also spend huge amounts of money, and in their work, they depend on the unconscious and the subconscious more than they depend on direct methods. The children of darkness are wiser than the children of light !! May the Lord give us wisdom and enlightenment, and let us preach the hope of forgiveness. The more sin increases, the more we need the help of grace to support and strengthen us.[11] Let us start – today before tomorrow – by directing the energies and capabilities of the media industry. Defense with the same weapon!

Forgive me, my son, for the repetition, but as Joseph said to Pharaoh “And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass” (Genesis 41:32).

The matter is very hasty, and our Lord gives grace to his church to resist the currents of evil and sin.

I said: This is so dangerous, Father. We all have to pay good attention and take it seriously. But what is the third war of Satan?

He said: The third war is a dangerous war, but rather it is the most dangerous for those who have taken steps in the spiritual path, and Satan uses it as the last card in his war with us. And this war is:

The War of Pride.

After a person is victorious in his wars against Satan and becomes strong, the devil begins to pretend to be weakened by him, until the person becomes conceited, proud, and reassures that he is safe from danger from the wars of the devil. Therefore, we must also know that the secret of our victory is our hope in the Lord and not our hope in our personal strength. If it happens that we give up our hope in the Lord and put all our hope in ourselves, then the major fall will be. As the Bible says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). It is also written, “But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end” (Hebrews 3:6). We need to cling to the confidence of hope to the end, and be faithful to death, as it is written, “be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life” (Revelation 2:10).

“Man is defeated more easily by success than failure because failure sometimes causes a person to stand against his will and attains humility. During his beneficial grief, he reduces his sin and fixes his affairs, while success may push a person to mental pride and false greatness.”

Saint Tadros.

Katikism, part 4, page 114

As we began our spiritual life with hope in Christ and his aid, let us be careful to adhere to this hope to the end and beware that we do not betray or be deceived and put our hope in ourselves or our personal strength

We can see autistic monks, but they fallen into sin. for sin will continue to fight us as long as we are in the flesh, and Satan awaits the moment in which we place our confidence and hope in ourselves and not in Christ to attack us like an eagle pecking a miserable bird.

One of the reasons for the increase in the spread of atheism in Europe is the stumbling block that occurred from the priests in the Catholic Church (in the 1990s) when they did not reserve themselves in their dealings with the children and fell into the sin of homosexuality.

I said: It is indeed a very bad stumbling block.

He said: But, my son, we have learned not to place our peace and our hope in any one except in Christ,  so we will not stumble upon anyone, for we are all under weakness, and no one is infallible from sin, and let every person fear himself and warn against ever placing his hope in himself, no matter how much he triumphs or progresses in his spiritual growth.

So if a big planet fell – as it is written in the Book of Revelation, would you stumble or collapse?

I said: What do you mean by the fall of a large planet?

He said: Meaning that a high rank in the church denied Christ, or that a person with a high religious position admitted publicly and in the media that all religions and even

“Humility is the imitation of Christ, transcendence and courage, and rudeness is the imitation of Satan. Be imitated by Christ not by the one against Christ; by God not by who is against God; by the Lord not by the wandering servant; by the merciful not by the one who has no mercy; by the lover of mankind not by its enemy; by your weddied partner not by the darkness dweller. Do not be eager to exploit the power over the congregation, so that you do not put on your neck the burdens of the sins of others.”

Saint Basil the Elder.

Satan and our victory over him.P. 172.

atheism are equal[12] and happy eternity is for all. Will you then stumble?! Will you deny Christ as well?!

I said: Do you expect that this could happen, Father?

He said: Some fathers interpret what is written in the Book of Revelation with this[13], and I think that will happen, but when? I do not know. The time is for God alone to know[14], and we see now. Those who are calling for the possibility of salvation without faith in Christ, the Cross of Christ and the Gospel of Christ, even if they reject it by their own free will despite the fact that they were preached about Him!

I said: It will be very difficult and stumbling for many.

He said: But our relationship with Christ, our Father, our Beloved, and our Life, no one can question it or question us about his love, paternity and companionship.

It is the simple and experiential relationship with Christ[15] and putting our hope in Christ only and not in ourselves or in others, whoever they are, that can protect future generations from stumbling and doubting. There is no person without sin, but all under weakness; therefore, our peace and hope are only in Christ. But a poor person who puts his hope in his

weak self or in poor human beings. He is liable to be stumbled and shocked, and his shock could be great.

I said: God protect us, Father. These are important things that everyone should know, so that when they happen, a person would not stumble upon them.

He said: The third hope is:

3-  The hope of a happy eternity and the work with God:

We live here with Christ on earth in a fatherly fellowship of love, but our eyes look to the sky where our eternal home is, as it is written, “For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come” (Hebrews 13:14). Like a young woman engaged, despite the beauty of the days of engagement, she always thinks about moving from her father’s house to her wedding house, to be with her groom at all times. We also know that we are here in a strange land and live in an earthly house[16], but our hope is in the eternal home, where we will be with the Lord at all times[17].

While he who has lost this hope is a poor and miserable person, but in truth he is condemning himself to eternal death from now on

As the Apostle Paul said, “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable” (1 Corinthians 15:19).

Like a young woman who many young men proposed to her, and she chooses the best of them. The one she chose used to talk romantically to her and gave her many promises that he would fulfill after marriage, and she was happy with these promises. What would be her position if at the time of marriage she was surprised that he wanted to abandon her and not marry her?

I said: She would be disappointed and feel betrayed and deceived.

He said: And we are like that. If we had no hope in eternal life – our eternal house, which Christ promised us-, then we are of all men most miserable. But the question is, my son, is it possible that Jesus is like this young man – forgive me – a deceiver and a liar?

I said: Impossible, Father!

He said: So the problem is not Christ, as he is faithful in his promises

I said: But why do so many of us lose the hope of eternity?!

He said: Suppose that this young woman was subjected to a lie from another deceitful and liar young man who wanted to propose to her, but she completely rejected him. And he found one way to doubt her choice of the other man, which is to question her fiancé’s promises to her and how he would abandon her because he would not be satisfied with her. When she was convinced of the words of lies and deceit and began to doubt the promises of her fiancé and lose confidence in herself and that she would not be suitable for him as a wife, she began to surrender to that deceptive young man. So, at the time of the wedding, when her fiancé comes to take her with him, will he find her ready to go with him?!

“While we are still in the world and have not yet departed from this life, it appears that we are already enjoying these promises because by hope we are already in heaven.”

Saint John (the Golden Mouth) Chrysostom

Katikism, Part 3, p. 17.

I said: Of course, not because her feelings and her heart will be with the deceptive young man. But what are the reasons that pushed her to surrender to discrediting and deceit?

He said: The reasons are:

The first reason is her failure to communicate with her fiancé:

When she fell short in communicating with her fiancé, this created a hunger for love in her, which made her open to accepting it from any source, even if it was the source of all lies and deceit.

The second reason is forgetting her fiancé’s promises:

She was happy and satisfied whenever she reminded herself of her fiancé’s promises and the messages he was sending her. But when she turned away from his messages, she began to believe the skepticism.

The third reason is the society:

When she coexisted with a medium that was all deceived and lived in delusion and loss of hope in the heavenly wedding, she took its resemblance and lost her hope and was deceived just like everyone living in this medium.

Imagine that the family of this young woman were the ones who questioned her about her fiancé and told her that her characteristics do not qualify her to be a wife because she had many weaknesses, while the groom was a perfect person “and she did not deserve him.” What would you say about them?

I said: This is horrible, Father! They lost their daughter and handed her over to perdition and loss. There are no words to describe them other than ignorants and criminals!

He said: Likewise, every family and every preacher doubt the hope of a happy eternity. They deliver the souls of those who hear him to the devil and to eternal destruction.

“Let us spread our minds towards the sky and hold on to this desire wrapped in spiritual fire and girded with its flame. Not a person carries a flame and is afraid of whomever he meets, whether he is a beast or a human or traps without a number.”

Saint John (the Golden Mouth) Chrysostom

Katikism, Part 3, p. 32.

Every family must emphasize its sons and daughters and always remind them of the beauty of Christ and his love and the beauty of eternity that awaits them and that we are all on the way to eternity.

This is what encourages us and strengthens us in the path of spiritual journey as it is written, “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless” (1 Peter 3:13-14). So what makes us strive and strive to keep ourselves without spot or blemish?

It is that we are waiting for a new heaven and earth. But without this waiting there will be no incentive for fighting against any evil or sin.

“All the foreseen actions that work in the world are done on the hope of participating and benefiting from the results of these actions, and if there is no trust and certainty that the fruits of fatigue will be enjoyed, then there is no benefit to be gained of this action. The sower sows the seed on the hope of fruits, and this hope supports and confirms him in the event of many hardships.”

S. Anba Makar Al Kabeer.

Homily 14, p. 129.

Poor one who loses the hope of a happy eternity. Poor one who lives without hope in the eternal wedding awaits him.

Woe to everyone who doubts the hope of a happy eternity, as he doubts the sincerity of Christ and his promises and says that He is a liar.

Woe to him, because by his skepticism, he is working in favor of the false and deceitful Satan, and he leads the souls of the simple to surrender to the words of lies, to despair and to hell – even if he did not intend to do so.  So it is better for him to remain silent and stop doubting Christ, instead of stumbling the simple souls by questioning Him.

“God is speaking to you. Do you, with an evil thought, hesitate without faith? God is promising you immortality and eternity by your departure from the world, do you doubt this? If you doubted, you would never know God and have rebuked Christ, the teacher of the believers.”

S. Kabrianus

Divine love P. 707

I said: Do you mean that we say that all will be saved, all have eternity, and Christ is kind and merciful? But does not that make people underestimate and tolerate sin?

He said: My son, do we either completely lose the hope of eternal life and question it, or say that no one will perish?! This is illogical talk and just a psychological reaction, not according to the Bible. The Bible says that he who walks in the way of life will arrive and will not go astray[18], while he who refuses to follow God’s will and chooses the path of death will end up with the natural result, which is eternal death. As it is written, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

It is ignorance to question someone who walks in the way of eternity and tell him that the end is unknown,

or to deceive this who walk in the path of evil and sin – and he does not want to repent – and tell him that he is on the way of life and salvation

We are on the path of eternal life, and if we fall on the way, we will rise, but we will not retreat or surrender. We have confidence that Christ is with us every day[19], and he is holding our hands to

I often tell you about the goodness of God, not to underestimate him and do what is according to your desires, otherwise his goodness will be harmful to our salvation, but so that we do not despair of our sins, but rather we repent. The goodness of God leads you to repent and not to do a greater evil, and if you corrupt because of his goodness you will insult God before people.

Saint John (the Golden Mouth) Chrysostom

Katikism part 4 p.118

lead us and strengthen us, and it is the guarantee for a better covenant[20].

Paul the Apostle says, “So shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words” (1 Thessalonian 4:17-18). What comforts us in the sorrows and troubles of this world is our hope that we will always be with the Lord. But if this hope is lost, there is no need for any fight against or any rejection of sin.

Also the Apostle Paul says to his disciple Timothy, “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called” (1 Timothy 6:12). The hope of eternal life is what helps me in the struggle of faith, but if there is no eternal life I hold on to, then there will be no meaning or motivation for this fight.

If the fiancée had no hope and confidence that her fiancé would come and marry her, then there would be no reason to refuse to associate with any other young man who proposed to her.

I said: Indeed, Father, our lack of hope in a happy eternity has caused many young men and women to surrender to the evil pleasures of the world without knowing it. But what do we do when the wave of evil and sin is very high and begins to sweep away many?

He said: That is the last hope, and it is a complementary result of the hope of eternity, and it is the hope of working with God. He who trusts in the hope of the happy eternity that awaits him will never be able to be silent. As we explained before

“He who knows is not silent, and he who is silent does not know”

The real proof of our awareness of everything we talked about, “the hope of the day of rest, the hope of victory over Satan, and the hope of eternal life,” is the hope that God can work with us and use us for the glory of his name.

I said: Even in spite of our weak capabilities and lack of talents?

He said: Hope is in the power and grace of Christ, and it is not in our strength or in our capabilities and talents, so it is written, “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound

the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty” (1 Corinthians 1:27).

Despite the difficult state of the world these days, we must have hope in the power of the Holy Spirit, which worked in the disciples in the past and changed the face of the world from the darkness of paganism to the light of Christ. In a period not exceeding 150 years, the Roman Empire converted to Christianity and many countries of the word of God reached so many countries in the ancient world. This power is still available to us, and the Holy Spirit is still alive and wants to work through our weakness. We just have to have hope and longing to work with God and have a jealousy for the salvation of mankind within us. And we trust that the Holy Spirit who worked in them will work in us, we need to put our hope in him and say with the Apostle Paul, “For he that wrought effectually in Peter to the apostleship of the circumcision, the same was mighty in me toward the Gentiles” (Galatians 2:8). If every one of us does not say with hope and confidence, “He who worked in Peter and Paul in the old days will work in me as well,” we will not be able to face the wave of evil and sin, nor will we be able to preach that we deliver the message of Christ.

We are very weak and our potential is very weak compared to the capabilities of global institutions that work in the interest of evil and sin. If we do not place our hope

in the unlimited strength and power of God, we will not be able to do anything; we will be defeated before we enter the war; and we will surrender without any resistance.

But if our hope is in the mighty and infinite power of God, then we will be heroes and tramble all obstacles under our feet. And we will advance with strength and trust that the little that is in our hands will be used by God to saturate the whole world, and that the hand that moves the whole world works with us and it moves us.

So be strong, my son, and let everyone who works with God be strong. Always put your hope in God, and you will see miracles worthy of strength and capability of the God you placed your hope in, for the work is His work, we are only working with Him[21].

To summarize what we have talked about today so that we do not forget, we talked about three things that we hope for in our spiritual journey, namely:

1 – The day of rest (the victory of the new nature over the old one).

2- The hope of victory over the wars of the devil (smallness of self, despair, and pride).

3- The hope of eternal life and change of the world.

 Next time, by the grace of Christ, we continue our talk about the obstacles to hope and the false hope.

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