The of St. ()

THE CHURCH OF ST. MERCURIUS () stands at the center of the city of Akhmim near the police station. Its floor is about three meters below the level of the street. The design of the church follows the domed-hall type that began to appear in the . Thus, it belongs typologically to the last phase of development in building.

The current church dates to the sixteenth or seventeenth century. It was originally five bays wide and three rooms deep: the eastern part comprises three semi- sanctuaries flanked by two rooms with two bays in front of each sanctuary and room. The northern comer room and the northern two bays do not exist because an adjoining church was built in their place. The two bays in front of the central sanctuary are covered by on surmounted by windows. The church’s columns, , and domes are built of baked , which are painted dark red in cross patterns.

The wooden screens of the sanctuaries are decorated with crosses and geometrical designs. Nineteenth-century wooden ciboria (baldachins) supported by four are erected above the in each of the three sanctuaries. The ciboria are ornamented with scenes of , the , and angels.

Icon of the Entombment painted by A[na]stasi al-Qudsi al-Rumi, nineteenth century.
of the painted by A[na]stasi al-Qudsi al-, nineteenth century.
Icon of the Resurrection, nineteenth century.
Icon of , nineteenth century.
Wooden screen of the central altar.
Wooden screen of the central altar.
Ciborium (baldachin) of the southern altar.
() of the southern altar.
Interior of new church adjoining the old church of Abu Sayfayn.
Interior of new church adjoining the of Abu .

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