TANBIDA (Maghaghah)

A monastery mentioned at the beginning of the thirteenth century. The of the monastery was dedicated to Saint Tarnima, whose body was buried in the church. We cannot be certain whether it was the monastery or another church that was outside the town.

The HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS OF THE EGYPTIAN CHURCH, under the patriarch CYRIL II (1078-1092), mentions the body of the martyr Apa Bima (Epima) in his monastery at Tanbida.

A colophon in a Coptic of the twelfth century locates Tanbida in the nome of Pemje (van Lantschoot, 1929, no. 102, l. 15).

AL-MAQRIZI (d. 1441) mentions a of outside Tanbida. One may consult E. Amélineau (p. 479) on Tanbida and its etymology.

Tanbida should not be confused with its namesake in the Delta, in the markaz (district) of Shibin al-Kom.


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