Zostrianos (NHC VIII, 1)

ZOSTRIANOS (NHC VIII, 1) A lengthy Sethian Gnostic apocalypse (132 pages of the manuscript) reported in the first person in the name of the prophet, Zostrianos, associated in antiquity with Zarathustra (Zoroaster). The title occurs at the end, to which is added: “Oracles of Truth of Zostrianos, God of truth, Teachings of Zoroaster.” Unfortunately, Codex …

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Nag Hammadi Codices

NAG HAMMADI CODICES A group of 12 papyrus codices plus eight leaves dating from the fourth century and inscribed in Coptic. The manuscripts were discovered in a buried storage jar by fellahin (farmers) in 1945 some 10 kilometers from Nag Hammadi, and are now housed in the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo. Publication of the …

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SETHIANS Gnostic heretics so designated by patristic heresiologists. According to some accounts, they had an elaborate myth in which Seth, son of Adam, played a prominent role as revealer of gnosis and was equated by some with Jesus Christ. In this system, Gnostics are referred to as the “seed” or “race” of Seth. Several of …

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