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World War I

Maspero, Jean (Jacques) Gaston

MASPERO, JEAN (JACQUES) GASTON (1885-1915) A French papyrologist. He was the son of the celebrated Egyptologist Gaston MASPERO, who early imparted to him a great interest in archaeology and numismatics. Jean became attached to the Institut française d’Archéologie orientale as assistant to E. G. CHASSINAT and participated with his father in the cataloguing of the …

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Muhammad ‘Ali Dynasty

MUHAMMAD ‘ALI DYNASTY A family that ruled Egypt for about a century and a half (1805-1952). The following is a brief survey of the line of succession, with particular reference to the role played by the Copts during the time of each ruler. Dates refer to the years of their accession and demise or abdication. …

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