Nastaruh (Nastarawah)

NASTARUH (Nastarawah) A town in Egypt that seems to have been located in the northern Delta along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on Lake Bashmur (Maspero, 1919, p. 211). The fact that the repeated onslaughts of the Greeks against Dumyat in the middle of the ninth century prompted the citizens of Rashid, Alexandria, and …

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AHNAS (Ihnas al Madinah, Ihnasyah al-Madinah, Byzantine Herakleopolis) Settlement on the site of pharaonic Nn-nswt, Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine Herakleopolis. The Coptic and Arabic names go back to Egyptian Hwt-nn-nswt, Hnn-nswt, the Greek name comes from the identification of Hrj-š.f (Herishef, Greek Harsaphes), the town’s ram-headed local deity, with Heracles (Herishef was also identified with …

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Agathon And His Brothers

AGATHON AND HIS BROTHERS Saints and fourth-century martyrs (feast day: 7 Tut). They are Agathon or Agathun, Peter, John, Amun, Ammunah, and their mother, Rifqah or Rebecca. The editors of the Copto-Arabic SYNAXARION, R. Basset (1907-1929) and I. Forget (1905-1926), tell us that they were from the district of Mamunyah in the province of Qus …

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