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Christianity and Monasticism in al-Bahnasa according to Arabic Sources

Christianity and Monasticism in al-Bahnasa according to Arabic Sources LOCATED ABOUT two hundred kilometers south of Cairo on the western bank of Bahr Yusuf (literally, the Sea of Joseph, but actually a canal running off from the Nile), in Minya governorate, about sixteen kilometers northwest of the district of Bani Mazar, al-Bahnasa (Oxyrhynchos, or the …

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SINJAR An important Christian center and episcopal see in Lower Egypt, especially from the eleventh to the thirteenth century. Sinjar is mentioned in the Coptic SYNAXARION, under 4 Misra, as the place where David and his brothers suffered martyrdom during the DIOCLETIAN persecution. By the eighth century, Sinjar had become an episcopal see. At the …

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Dayr Al-‘Askar

DAYR AL-‘ASKAR This monastery is one of a group of four briefly described by al-MAQRIZI (A.D. 1442), in the neighborhood of Bilqas, to the northeast of the province of Gharbiyyah. He placed it at one day’s march from the Dayr al-Mightas and near the salt marsh from which the so-called Rashid (Rosetta) salt comes. He …

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Dayr Asfal Al-Ard

DAYR ASFAL AL-ARD The most detailed description of this convent near Alexandria is given by Abu al-Makarim (1984, pp. 161, 168). He indicates that this monastery was situated east of the town and bore the name of Saint Mark. It was extensive, surrounded by gardens and cultivated land, and had no fewer than four keeps. …

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General Ya‘Qub (1745-1801)

GENERAL YA‘QUB (1745-1801) Financial commissioner, then military leader, a mu‘allim become a general, Ya‘qub died young, and we have little information about his remarkable career. His role is thus debated: collaborator in the French occupation of Egypt, or pioneer of national independence? His contemporary al-Jabarti— who was a member of the diwan that collaborated with …

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Gaston Wiet (1887-1971)

GASTON WIET (1887-1971) A French Arabist and specialist in Islamic studies. He was professor of Arabic and Turkish at the University of Lyons (1911-1931); director of the Islamic Museum of Art in Cairo (1926-1951); professor of geography and history of the Near East at the Ecole des Langues orientales of Paris (1931-1951); professor of the …

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Ibn Hawqal

IBN HAWQAL Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Hawqal al-Nasibi (d. 988) was an Arab traveler who seems to have visited Nubia and the Sudan in 955. He later wrote a book based on his travels, of which two versions survive: an earlier version called Kitab al- Masalik wa-al-Mamalik (Book of Ideologies and Countries), and a revised …

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AL-BASHMUR An area in Egypt in which the Christian inhabitants revolted against Arab rule in the eighth and ninth centuries (see BASHMURIC REVOLTS). Christianity in the area suffered greatly as a result of the Bashmurites’ final defeat by the Arabs, but it was not quashed completely, as evidenced by the visit of a presbyter from …

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