Wadi El Natrun

Abusir Bana

ABUSIR BANA A town located in the Egyptian Delta about three miles south of SAMANNUD in the province of al-Gharbiyyah. Its Greek name was Busiris. Although Abusir Bana had a reputation as late as the Byzantine period for its devotion to Isis, Christianity also has a long tradition in the town. One of the bishops …

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Abu Al-Makarim

ABU AL-MAKARIM Al-Shaykh al-Mu’taman Abu al-Makarim Sa‘d-Allah Jirjis ibn Mas‘ud was a priest of the Coptic church with the title of qummus (HEGUMENOS) who lived in the thirteenth century. He is best known as the author of the famous work entitled Tarikh al-Kana’is wa-al-Adyirah (History of Churches and Monasteries), which he is known to have …

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Saint Abamun Of Tarnut

SAINT ABAMUN OF TARNUT A fourth-century martyr known only from the brief mention of him made by MIKHA’IL, bishop of Atrib and Malij (c. 1240), in the Copto-Arabic SYNAXARION (feast day: 27 Abib). Tarnut (with a nonemphatic initial T, contrary to the forms given by E. AMÉLINEAU, 1893, p. 493) is situated on the west …

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