Dayr Anba Maqar

DAYR ANBA MAQAR Rising on the desert horizon like a great fortress, the Monastery of Saint MACARIUS was originally the most remote and least accessible of the monasteries of Wadi al- Natrun. It came into being around 360 when Saint Macarius the Egyptian moved southward from the valley to escape the overcrowding of hermits. Here, …

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Wadi Al-Rayyan (Fayyum)

WADI AL-RAYYAN (Fayyum) A valley (wadi) connected to the great depression of the Fayyum, of which it forms an extension to the southwest with Wadi al-Muwaylih, where DAYR ANBA SAMU’IL of QALAMUN is situated. There are three wells and a small grove of palms; it is frequented by the camel caravans that link the Fayyum …

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Monasteries Of The Fayyum

MONASTERIES OF THE FAYYUM In the notice about the patriarch KHA’IL I (744-767), the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS indicates that there were then thirty-five monasteries in the Fayyum. ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN repeats the same information, which he seems to relate to the same period; he names or describes only eight of them. Al-Nabulsi cites …

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