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Rite Of Glorifications

RITE OF GLORIFICATIONS This rite is performed before an icon of a saint, either after Vesper prayers or after the Eucharistic liturgy. Sometimes the rite is performed during a visit of the tomb or the pilgrimage center of a saint. In commemoration of the saint, the faithful chant the Doxology Adam—a glorification of the saint’s …

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The Twelve Virtues

THE TWELVE VIRTUES The Twelve Virtues seem to be a monastic tradition from Upper Egypt and are illustrated in a niche of Bawit (chapel 6). Chapel 42 contains another inscription mentioning the twelve virtues of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Ordinations mentions that the bishop says inaudibly: “ . . . Me, the poor …

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John The Little (339-409)

JOHN THE LITTLE (339-409) A Saint and monk. He is a renowned figure among the Desert Fathers. He is known from the Apophthegmata partum, which preserves nine sayings under his name, and a Coptic “Life” attributed to Zacharias, the eighth-century Bishop of Sakha. He is also commemorated in the Arabic Synaxarion of the Copts. John …

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Dayr Epiphanius

DAYR EPIPHANIUS A small semi-anchoritic community that existed around 580-640 on the “Holy Hill of Djeme” (Madinat Habu) in Western Thebes in Upper Egypt. The hermits who dwelled there had, like those in Kellia, Nitria, and Scetis, formed a laura around the cell of a Monophysite Coptic anchorite. In this case, it was Epiphanius who …

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Theodosius Of Alexandria

THEODOSIUS OF ALEXANDRIA A Saint and patriarch. He was the 33rd patriarch of Alexandria (535-566). He is commemorated on the 28th of Baounah. He was a devoted friend and disciple of Severus of Antioch. Riots of the Gaianites followed his consecration. He was able to exercise his authority only briefly but later was forced to …

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Jesus Prayer

JESUS PRAYER The Jesus Prayer is a supplication of penance, known today by its modern prayer formula “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Both the practice and the wording of the Jesus Prayer are deeply rooted in biblical spirituality. The Jesus Prayer is recited repeatedly in penitential contemplation, following …

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