Chronicon Orientale

CHRONICON ORIENTALE A chronicle of world history composed by an unknown thirteenth-century author who put events he thought important into a table of secular and ecclesiastical rulers. Its chronological bases are the Old Testament for the pre-Christian era, the Roman emperors for the period from the time of Christ to Muhammad, and thereafter the Arab …

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Butrus Sawirus Al-Jamil

BUTRUS SAWIRUS AL-JAMIL A thirteenth-century bishop of Malij and first compiler of the Coptic SYNAXARION. It is not known exactly when he lived, and no details of his life are known for certain. He lived probably at the end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth, since he comes between MIKHA’IL, BISHOP …

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Yuhanna Ibn Sawirus

YUHANNA IBN SAWIRUS The author of a single work, Kitab al-‘Ilm wa-al-‘Amal (Book of Theory and Practice). The oldest manuscript dates from 1323, and he is mentioned in the author index of Abu al-Barakat IBN KABAR, so that he probably lived before the first quarter of the fourteenth century. The additions to his name in …

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YUHANNA The bishop of Samannud (c. 1240), one of the first four bishops consecrated on 29 July 1235 by the patriarch Cyril (1235-1243) in the CHURCH OF ABU SAYFAYN in Old Cairo. As bishop, he signed a new judicial code (3 September 1238) and was first signatory of a protocol on the ranking of bishops …

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Ibn Katib Qaysar (C. 1260)

IBN KATIB QAYSAR (c. 1260) According to G. Graf, a thirteenth-century Coptic philologist and scriptural commentator. He came from a respected and influential family. Al-MU’TAMAN ABU ISHAQ IBN AL-‘ASSAL, who had connections with all the learned people of his time, rated him highly because of his extraordinary knowledge and judged his book on Coptic grammar …

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Ibn Al-Dahiri

IBN AL-DAHIRI A thirteenth-century bishop of Damietta who wrote a grammar called Muqaddimat ibn al-Dahiri. G. Graf lists him under the name al-Thiqah ibn al-Duhayri and as one who exchanged dictionaries with the grammarian al-MU’TAMAN IBN AL-‘ASSAL. The latter requested from al-Dahiri a copy of al- Kifayah by the Coptic grammarian al-Wajih al-Qalyubi, who had …

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John Sabas (Fl. C. 550)

JOHN SABAS (fl. c. 550) A nestorian ascetic who spent a long time as a hermit and at an advanced age was the founder and principal of a monastery. His writings consist of letters, short sermons, and a compendium on the spiritual life called Ru’us al-Ma‘rifah (Chapters of Understanding). Despite his Nestorian faith, these writings …

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Tadrus Al-Mashriqi

TADRUS AL-MASHRIQI A recorder of the history of the three Coptic patriarchs who governed in his lifetime, PETER VII (1809- 1852), CYRIL IV (1854-1861), and DEMETRIUS II (1862-1870), in a manuscript of miscellanies, written by him in 1868. VINCENT FREDERICK Tags: Eminent