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Anba Ruways (ABBASIYA)

Anba Ruways (ABBASIYA) THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTEMPORARY COPTIC CENTER in Egypt, known as Anba Ruways, is located on Ramses street in Abbasiya. It is a compound of buildings with an enclosure wall comprising the Cathedral of St. Mark and his shrine, the Church of Anba Ruways, the Coptic papal residence, the Clerical College, the Higher …

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MARK The Apostle, evangelist, and saint. According to the Coptic tradition, St. Mark is the founder of the Coptic Church in Egypt. This tradition is supported by the testimony of Eusebius of Caesarea in his Church History. A Coptic manuscript preserved in Paris contains a detailed story of St. Mark. This manuscript was copied in …

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Patriarch’s Consecration

PATRIARCH’S CONSECRATION The rite supposes that the patriarch-elect is a monk, although several times in Coptic history laymen were elected and consecrated as patriarchs, such as the patriarchs Afraham ibn Zur‘ah and Gabriel ibn Turayk. If the candidate is a simple monk, then he should be raised to the second degree of monasticism, namely the …

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