Valentinian I


CASTRUM A Roman military camp developed from the so-called marching camp, which was constructed each evening by troops on the march in accordance with a model in force throughout the Roman empire. The uniformity of the camps enabled the soldiers to find their way about and also enabled them to react with speed in the …

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Dayr Al-Baramus

DAYR AL-BARAMUS History This monastery is farthest to the northwest in the monastic colony of Wadi al-Natrun (ancient Scetis). The topographic allusions in ancient literature lend some credence to the statement by the author of the Coptic Life of Saint Macarius (probably of the eighth century; cf. Guillaumont, 1968-1969, pp. 182-83) that Dayr al-Baramus evolved …

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Peter II

PETER II saint and twenty-first patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (373-380). Peter was designated by his formidable predecessor ATHANASIUS to succeed him on the throne of Alexandria. At the time of Athanasius’ death, Peter was already an old man, known for his piety and loyalty to the principles of Athanasian theology. However, it …

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