Icon of the 'Heavenly Ladder' of St. John Climacus.

St. Cyril Melkite Catholic Church (HELIOPOLIS)

St. Cyril Melkite Catholic Church (HELIOPOLIS) THE CHURCH OF ST. CYRIL is located on al-Thawra Street, Corba, Heliopolis, Cairo. The church is dedicated to St. Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria (412-444), who is considered one of the greatest figures of early Christianity because he defended the title of the Virgin Mary, “Mother of God,” against Nestorius. …

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FEASTS The number of the dominical feasts changes according to the tradition. In the Byzantine tradition, there are 12 feasts, whereas in the Coptic tradition there is the existence of seven dominical major feasts and seven dominical minor feasts, and this has been attested since the 12th century. Abu al-Makarim mentioned that in the Church …

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