Mustafa Kamil

MUSTAFA KAMIL (1874-1908) A nationalist party leader. He studied law at the Khedivial School of Law and later at Toulouse in France, where he received a degree in 1894. His political interests and his intention to fight the British occupation started at an early age. In 1890 he founded a nationalist literary society and followed …

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Dulaurier, Jean Paul Louis François Edouard Leuge (1807-1881)

DULAURIER, JEAN PAUL LOUIS FRANÇOIS EDOUARD LEUGE (1807-1881) A french Orientalist. He was born in Toulouse and studied under Silvestre de Sacy. He published descriptions of the stelae in the Toulouse Museum and various Coptic texts (1833-1835). He visited London in 1838 and copied the manuscript Pistis Sophia, with a view to complete publication of …

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