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GAIANUS The rival patriarch of Alexandria in 537. When THEODOSIUS I, the official candidate for the patriarchate, appeared for his enthronement, a popular movement of all classes in the city swept Gaianus, who had been an archdeacon under TIMOTHY III, into his place. Against the Severianism (see SEVERIAN OF JABALAH) of Theodosius, Gaianus represented the …

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Ascension This day commemorates the ascension of Christ to heaven from the Mount of Olives. Luke 24:50-53 seems to imply that the Ascension occurred during the evening of the day of the Resurrection, but it is stated in Acts 1:3 and Mark 16:19 that this event took place in presence of the apostles forty days …

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Feasts, Major

FEASTS, MAJOR There are seven major feasts celebrated by the Coptic church. Annunciation The Annunciation is one of the seven major feasts of the Coptic church; it commemorates the announcement of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she should conceive and give birth to Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah. According to the Coptic …

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PBOW History Pbow is the Coptic name of the second and most important monastery of Saint PACHOMIUS. For centuries the superior of the whole Pachomian congregation resided at Pbow. The site is now considered equivalent to the town of Faw al-Qibli (Faw of the South, in contrast with the neighboring village Faw al-Bahari, Faw of …

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Mark, Saint

MARK, SAINT One of the Twelve Apostles of Christ, traditionally regarded as the author of the Gospel of Mark and the first patriarch of the Coptic church (feast day: 30 Baramudah). The meager historical sources on Saint Mark’s life have given rise to conflicting accounts about his personality and even about his Gospel. Whereas liberal …

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Monastery Of The Metanoia

MONASTERY OF THE METANOIA The Alexandrian Monastery of the Metanoia (Penitence), also called the Monastery of Canopus or of the Tabennesiotes, played a prominent role in the religious history and the administrative life of Byzantine Egypt. One can merely catch a glimpse of this, for sources contain obscurities and contradictions. Origins No archaeological traces of …

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Mark The Simple, Saint

MARK THE SIMPLE, SAINT (feast day: 10 Hatur). The story of Mark who simulated madness is among the perhaps legendary stories of DANIEL OF SCETIS (sixth century). There are versions in several languages of the Christian Near East: in Greek, which seems to be the original (Clugnet, 1900; Clugnet, 1901); in Armenian in the editions …

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