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The names of Jesus

The names of Jesus But He was more than a man. Consider of the implications of the titles Paul uses of Him. He uses ‘Christ’ often; to all intents and purposes it is for him a proper name (just as it is for us). Probably this is because his letters are written to Gentiles for …

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Ashkenazim pl. n. Hebrew (osh-keh-NAH-zeem) The name given to the group of Jews who were originally from Germany and France (and their descendants). The word Ashkenaz is the Hebrew name for Germany. The Ashkenazim migrated to Central and Eastern Europe during times of oppression. In pre-World War II Europe, Ashkenazim comprised 90 percent of world …

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amen int. Hebrew (ah-MEN) Literally, “so be it.” The word said in unison by a congregation in response to a prayer to signify solemn agreement. According to the Talmud, “amen” is an acrostic of the three Hebrew words El Melekh Ne’eman (The Lord is a trustworthy King). It is sometimes pronounced awe-MAIN. int. interjection Eisenberg, …

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Akedah n. Hebrew (ah-kay-DAH) Literally, “binding.” Specifically, the incident in Genesis when God tells Abraham to bind (tie up) his son Isaac and prepare to sacrifice the boy. At the last moment, God stops Abraham from going through with the deed. Explanations of the Akedah include that God was testing Abraham’s obedience; that it shows …

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Adoshem n. Hebrew (ah-doe-SHEM) A contraction of two of the Hebrew words for God: Adonai and ha-Shem. Adonai is the word most often used in prayers; traditional Jews use the term ha-Shem when referring to God. noun Eisenberg, J., Scolnic, E., & Jewish Publication Society. (2001). The JPS dictionary of Jewish words. Over 1000 entries …

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abba n. Hebrew (AH-bah) Literally, “father.” Some Jewish children are taught to use the word Abba instead of “Daddy” when referring to their father. “I’m done with my homework, Abba. Can we go to the playground now?”[1]   noun [1]Eisenberg, J., Scolnic, E., & Jewish Publication Society. (2001). The JPS dictionary of Jewish words. Over …

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ANGELS The scope of this article.—The passages in the apostolic writings in which angels are mentioned or referred to will be examined; some of them are ambiguous and have been interpreted in various ways. The doctrine of the OT and of the apocryphal period on the subject has been so fully dealt with in HDB …

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