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SUNBAT The modern name of a town in the Egyptian Delta known in Coptic as tacempo] (Tasempoti) and in Arabic as Sanbat, Sambutiyyah, or Sanmutiyyah. The town is located in the middle of the Delta in the province of Gharbiyyah about 12 miles (19 km) east of Tanta, halfway between Abusir Bana and Zifta. Tasempoti/Sunbat …

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SIBIRBAY A small village east of Tanta in the province of Gharbiyyah. Its Coptic name was ’emervei, Psemerphei, and in older Arabic sources the village was called Simirbayah. Sibirbay has an old church dedicated to the archangel Michael whose anniversary is celebrated by faithful pilgrims on 12 Ba’unah. BIBLIOGRAPHY Amélineau, E. La Géographie de l’Egypte …

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Clerical College (Cairo)

CLERICAL COLLEGE (Cairo) The idea of the establishment of a school for teaching Coptic theology to prepare a new generation of educated priests to assume religious responsibilities in Coptic churches goes back to the middle of the nineteenth century. Until that time the priesthood in Coptic churches held a monopoly as it was a hereditary …

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Clerical College (Cairo)

CLERICAL COLLEGE (CAIRO) It was inaugurated as a religious school on 3 January 1875. The aim of its establishment was to prepare a new generation of educated Coptic priests. The main subjects taught were theology, liturgy, Church history, ecclesiastical juris-prudence, and rhetoric, in addition to Arabic, Coptic, geography, and mathematics. When in 1918 Habib Girgis …

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Coptic Evangelical Church

COPTIC EVANGELICAL CHURCH A Presbyterian national church founded through the efforts of the United Presbyterian Church in North America in 1854. The first Presbyterian missionaries to Egypt emphasized bible teaching and preaching. The Evangelical churches are about 250 in number besides having another 200 meeting centers for prayers, with a community of 250,000. These churches …

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KELLIA History of the Site The Kellia is one of the most important and most celebrated monastic groupings in Lower Egypt. Its location long remained uncertain. In 1935 Omar Toussoun wrongly believed he had discovered its ruins near the northwest extremity of the Wadi al- Natrun. It was the exact location of the ancient Nitria …

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Subhi Yanni Labib (1924-1987)

SUBHI YANNI LABIB (1924-1987) A professor of Near Eastern history at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel. He was born at Tanta (Egypt), and received his education at the University of Alexandria. In 1961 he obtained a doctorate from Hamburg University. His active academic service included the posts of chief cataloger at the University of Alexandria …

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BIRMA A town located in the Egyptian Delta about 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Tanta in the province of Gharbiyyah. Although Birma is listed in a number of Coptic-Arabic scales and in a list of Egyptian bishoprics (Munier, 1943, p. 64), the town is rarely referred to in Christian-Arabic literature and no bishop for …

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AL-BATANUN A city located some 10 miles (16 km) south of Tanta in the province of al-Minufiyyah. It was known in Coptic times as Pathanon. Al-Batanun was the birthplace of Patriarch SHENUTE I (858- 880) and the place to which the remains of the FORTY-NINE MARTYRS of Scetis were brought for a time after having …

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