Syriac language

John Of Ephesus

JOHN OF EPHESUS A monophysite writer of a history of the church in the Syriac language. He was born around 516 in Amida in northern Mesopotamia. He lived until at least 585, the last observable date in his history. In 542 the emperor JUSTINIAN appointed John a missionary to Asia, Caria, Phrygia, and Lydia, where …

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ABBOT. In the ancient monastic sources (APOPHTHEGMATA PATRUM, HISTORIA MONACHORUM IN AEGYPTO, PALLADIUS Historia Lausiaca, etc.), the name of a monk is generally preceded by the Greek word abbas or abba, the cognate of the Coptic apa (Sahidic) or abba (Bohairic), the Arabic aba or anba. This is clearly the Aramaic and Syriac ab in …

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