Timothy II

TIMOTHY II A Saint and patriarch. He was the 26th Patriarch of Alexandria (457-477). He is commemorated on the seventh of Misra. He was commonly known as Timothy Aelurus. He became patriarch after the murder of the Chalcedonian Patriarch Proterius (451-457). He was deposed and exiled several times. Even during his exile, he remained the …

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Palladius (363-431)

PALLADIUS (363-431) A Monk, historian of early monasticism. He was born in Galatia and spent several years as a monk in Egypt. He stayed three years at Alexandria and then moved to Nitria. In 390, he went to Kellia, where he became a pupil of Evagrius Ponticus. It is not clear whether he was Origenist …

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Shenouda III

SHENOUDA III  A Monk, bishop, teacher, writer, politician, and 117th patriarch of the Coptic Church (1971-). He was born Nazir Gayed in Assiut. He played a great role in the renaissance of the Coptic Church. He studied history and graduated from Cairo University in 1947 and from the Clerical College in 1949. He served as …

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