“Twenty Thousand Nuns” The Domestic Virgins of Oxyrhynchos

“Twenty Thousand Nuns” The Domestic Virgins of Oxyrhynchos Historia Monachorum in Oxyrhynchos The Historia Monachorum in Aegypto contains a literary testimony of Chris­tians in the city of Oxyrhynchos.[1] Its anonymous author, an eyewitness from Palestine writing at the turn of the fifth century, boasts that this city in Middle Egypt abounds with monasteries, both within …

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Al-Safi Ibn Al-‘Assal (?-Ca. 1265)

AL-SAFI IBN AL-‘ASSAL (?-ca. 1265) A Canonist, theologian, apologist. The reputation of al-Safi Abu al-Fada’il Majid ibn al-‘Assal has long rested on his magisterial canonical collection, the Nomocanon of 1238 commonly known even today as al-Majmu‘ al-Safawi (al- Safi’s Compilation); this has allowed brief characterizations of the Awlad al-‘Assal to refer to the accomplishments of …

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Act Of Peter (Bg, 4)

ACT OF PETER (BG, 4) A Coptic translation of a narrative featuring Peter’s healing activity on a certain Sunday, presumably in Jerusalem. Surprisingly, Peter reverses the healing of his invalid daughter in order to preserve her virginity. This narrative was probably part of the lost beginning portion of the apocryphal Act of Peter composed in …

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