Coptic Bible

COPTIC BIBLE The Coptic Church regarded the Old and New Testaments as a single inseparable unit. The basis of the Coptic version of the Old Testament is not a Hebrew text but the Septuagint. The Coptic Bible is based on Greek manuscripts that are older than most of the extant witnesses. However, the Coptic evidence …

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Coptic Dialects

COPTIC DIALECTS There are six main dialects: Sahidic, Bohairic, Fayumic, Oxyrhynchite (Middle Egyptian), Akhmimic, and Lycopolitan (Subakhmimic). The number of Coptic dialects has increased with the discovery of more Coptic manuscripts and the intensive research in Coptic dialects, especially in the second half of the 20th century. However, locating the dialects geographically remains a matter …

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Dayr Epiphanius

DAYR EPIPHANIUS A small semi-anchoritic community that existed around 580-640 on the “Holy Hill of Djeme” (Madinat Habu) in Western Thebes in Upper Egypt. The hermits who dwelled there had, like those in Kellia, Nitria, and Scetis, formed a laura around the cell of a Monophysite Coptic anchorite. In this case, it was Epiphanius who …

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