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EXOUCONTIANS One of the more extreme groups of Arianists that surfaced during the last five years of the reign of Constantius II, at the time of the third exile of ATHANASIUS (356-361). Socrates  Scholasticus’  Ecclesiastical  History,  (2.45),  written about 440, is the main source for information about this group of Arians. They asserted that the …

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Palladius (363-431)

PALLADIUS (363-431) The author of the Historia lausiaca, one of the principal documents that inform us about Egyptian monasticism in the fourth century. Born in Galatia, he became a monk. After spending some time in Palestine at the Mount of Olives, when Rufinus and Melania the Elder were living there, he came to Egypt. He …

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NESTORIUS Nestorius was born at Germanicia in Syria Euphratensis sometime before 381, and became patriarch of Constantinople in 428. After his condemnation for heresy and deposition by the First Council of EPHESUS in 431, he was allowed by Emperor Theodosius II to retire to his former monastery a short distance from the gates of Antioch. …

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Agathonicus Of Tarsus

AGATHONICUS OF TARSUS Probably a fictitious figure, supposed to have been bishop of Tarsus in Cilicia, about the middle of the fourth century. To him are ascribed a few works that have come down in various collections found in diverse editions. The most important collection is found in a papyrus codex now in the Bodmer …

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HYPATIA  Hypatia, a non-Christian philosopher in Alexandria (ca. 355–415), whose murder in 415 has been viewed as a watershed moment in the religious history of the city. Daughter of the mathematician Theon, she studied mathematics and philosophy and in the 380s succeeded her father as head of his school. Teaching in the Plotinian tradition of …

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