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MARQUS A fourteenth-century Melchite bishop of Damietta. A manuscript of 206 sheets (Sinai Arabic 264) containing an Arabic translation of the typikon of Saint Sabas made by Abu al-Fath Qustantin ibn Abi al-Ma‘ali ibn Abi al-Fath was completed on 5 December A.D. 1355. This translator was the father of Bishop Marqus, as we learn from …

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Mikha’il Ibn Butrus

MIKHA’IL IBN BUTRUS The protopsaltis of the Greek Orthodox patriarchate of Alexandria in 1790. This position as “first singer” corresponds to the “precentor,” who directs the two choirs during the liturgical services (cf. Clugnet, 1895, p. 132). This was the position he occupied when he copied a manuscript containing the psalter and the biblical hymns, …

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Economic Activities Of Monasteries

ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES OF MONASTERIES Despite schisms, persecutions, occasional devastation by the barbarians, and the Persian and Arab conquests in 619 and 641, respectively, the history of the Egyptian monasteries from the fourth to the eighth centuries constitutes a whole. The period was one of expansion and material prosperity. Various categories of sources—literary, papyrological, and archaeological—indicate …

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OKTOKAIDEKATON One of the monasteries of the coastal strip that separates the sea from the western tongue of Lake Mareotis to the west of Alexandria. The Oktokaidekaton is so called from its location in the neighborhood of the eighteenth milestone from Alexandria. Its site has not been located, but the Life of Saint THEODORA characterizes …

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Coptic Missionaries In India

COPTIC MISSIONARIES IN INDIA The story of the first Christian missionaries in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent is associated with the apostle Thomas. According to the apocryphal Acts of Thomas (Judas-Thomas in the Syriac version), written by Bardesanes, a famous author in Edessa, Syria, in the late second or early third century, Gondophernes, …

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Mikha’il Al-Misri

MIKHA’IL AL-MISRI A monk at the MOUNT SINAI MONASTERY OF SAINT CATHERINE at the end of the thirteenth century. He is known from a note he left at the end of an Arabic Pentateuch (Sinai Arabic 4, copied by Jibril ibn Musa al-Katib in A.H. 353/A.D. 963). This note (on fol. 281b) reads, “The servant …

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Mikha’il Ibn Ghazi

MIKHA’IL IBN GHAZI A Melchite priest known only from the manuscript he copied in Cairo and completed on 12 February 7204 of Adam/A.D. 1696 under the Melchite patriarch of Alexandria, Gerasimus II Palladas (1688-1710). The manuscript he copied is now the Sinai Arabic 59, which contains the Psalter including Psalm 151, the biblical odes, and …

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