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Simon I

SIMON I A saint and forty-second patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (689-701). His nomination came at a difficult time. His predecessor, ISAAC, had died in the midst of the fury arising from his meddling in the conflict between Ethiopia and Nubia without consulting the Umayyad governor of Egypt, ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Marwan. In …

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Yuhanna The Deacon

YUHANNA THE DEACON Also known as Yuhanna ibn Moesis, the spiritual son and disciple of Anba Moesis, the saintly bishop of Awsim. He lived around the middle of the eighth century, during the rule of the Umayyad caliphate. He compiled a series of patriarchal biographies up to his own time, and his work was utilized …

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ARCHIMANDRITE A term of Greek origin (archein, to rule, and mandra, fold, byre) denoting the superior of a monastery. Although its precise application is the subject of controversy, one thing is certain: it was a higher-ranking term than others such as father, PROESTOS, and HEGUMENOS. The title “archimandrite” emerged in the Syrian and Mesopotamian regions …

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Saint Zacharias

SAINT ZACHARIAS The eighth-century bishop of Sakha (feast day: 21 Amshir). The son of a presbyter, Zacharias received adequate training in profane and ecclesiastical letters to open for himself a career as secretary of the diwan. Arabic was prescribed for official documents in 706, which would indicate that Zacharias was proficient in Arabic and Greek …

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Copto-Arabic Synaxarion

COPTO-ARABIC SYNAXARION A list of saints used in the Coptic church Editions of the Synaxarion This book, which has become a liturgical book, is very important for the history of the Coptic church. It appears in two forms: the recension from Lower Egypt, which is the quasi-official book of the Coptic church from Alexandria to …

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Alexander II

ALEXANDER II The forty-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (705-730). Little is known about his early life as a layman before he took the monastic vow at ENATON in the region of Mareotis west of Alexandria. There he became well known for his chastity, sanctity, and religious scholarship. After the death of his …

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Coptic Saints

COPTIC SAINTS Holy men and women recognized in Egypt who died peacefully, as distinguished from MARTYRS, also saints, who met a violent end. The saints continued to reflect their faith throughout their lives, leaving behind them information that could help posterity record their labors for Christianity. Any listing of saints is an infinitesimal fraction of …

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