Sa‘Id Ibn Tufayl

SA‘ID IBN TUFAYL A Christian physician who worked at the court of the amir Ahmad ibn Tulun (868-884), and used to accompany him on his travels. Later there was friction between them, as Ahmad would consult other physicians when he disobeyed Sa‘id’s instructions. Sa‘id died in the year 883 or 892. Ishaq ibn ‘Imran dedicated …

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Nastas Ibn Jurayj

NASTAS IBN JURAYJ A tenth-century Christian physician of Egypt. The Arabic sources do not make it clear whether he was a Copt or a Melchite. However, Schacht and Meyerhof (1937, p. 137, 12) and M. Ullmann (1970, p. 138) state that he was a Copt. P. Sbath (1940) calls him a “Coptic monk,” which is …

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