Gnosticism In Egypt

GNOSTICISM IN EGYPT The term “Gnosticism” was first coined in the 17th century to refer to an early Christian heresy described by the Church Father Irenaeus of Lyon in his five volumes Against Heresies (ca. 185). Historians of religions use the term to refer to a religion that probably developed around the turn of the …

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Allogenes (NHC XI, 3)

ALLOGENES (NHC XI, 3) A Sethian Gnostic revelation discourse in which a certain Allogenes transmits to his “son” Messos revelations received from a feminine deity called Youel, and then describes his ascent to heaven. Allogenes (“of another race”) is probably another name for Seth. The title is given at the end of the tractate. Heavily …

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Nag Hammadi Codices

NAG HAMMADI CODICES A group of 12 papyrus codices plus eight leaves dating from the fourth century and inscribed in Coptic. The manuscripts were discovered in a buried storage jar by fellahin (farmers) in 1945 some 10 kilometers from Nag Hammadi, and are now housed in the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo. Publication of the …

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