Scala Magna


DICTIONARIES From the time when the Copts, like other nations or linguistic entities, felt the need to have at their disposal in writing the equivalents, exact or approximate, of the words of their language, attempts were made to compose modest lists of bilingual vocabulary; these may justly be considered the ancestors of modern Coptic dictionaries. …

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Shams Al-Ri’asa Abu Al-Barakat Ibn Kabar (?-1324)

SHAMS AL-RI’ASA ABU AL-BARAKAT IBN KABAR (?-1324) A Priest, encyclopedist, scholar of Coptic. The writer known to contemporaries as al-Shams ibn Kabar provides one of the last great examples of the flowering of Arabic-language Coptic Orthodox literature in the 13th and early 14th centuries. Ibn Kabar served for a time as scribe to the Mamluk …

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