DICTIONARIES From the time when the Copts, like other nations or linguistic entities, felt the need to have at their disposal in writing the equivalents, exact or approximate, of the words of their language, attempts were made to compose modest lists of bilingual vocabulary; these may justly be considered the ancestors of modern Coptic dictionaries. …

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Cosmas I

COSMAS I The forty-fourth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (730-731) (feast day: 30 Ba’unah). He was a native of the town of Bana, near Samannud in the Gharbiyyah Province. Little is known about his secular life before he took the monastic vow in the wilderness of Anba Maqar. Cosmas had a monastic life …

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Dayr Asfal Al-Ard

DAYR ASFAL AL-ARD The most detailed description of this convent near Alexandria is given by Abu al-Makarim (1984, pp. 161, 168). He indicates that this monastery was situated east of the town and bore the name of Saint Mark. It was extensive, surrounded by gardens and cultivated land, and had no fewer than four keeps. …

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