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Dayr Al-Khadim

DAYR AL-KHADIM Ibn Duqmaq (1893, p. 8) and al-MAQRIZI (1853, Vol. 2, p. 505) mentioned a Dayr al-Khadim that was near Bahr Yusuf (al-Manha) in the province of Bahnasa and was dedicated to the angel GABRIEL. The State of the Provinces in 1375 indicates the same (‘Abd al- Latif, 1810, p. 689). Ramzi (1953-1968, Vol. …

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PILGRIMAGES There are more than sixty centers of Coptic pilgrimage in Egypt, of which the main ones are those of the Virgin Mary at Musturud, Saint Menas at Maryut, Saint George (Mar Jirjis) of Mit Damsis, Sitt Dimyanah near Bilqas, and Anba Shinudah at Dayr al-Abyad, near Suhaj. For the Copts, pilgrimage is a religious …

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Paphnutius Of Pbow, Saint

PAPHNUTIUS OF PBOW, SAINT A fourth-century monk who was steward of the koinonia (community) established by Saint PACHOMIUS. A younger brother of Saint THEODORUS OF TABENNESE, Paphnutius came to the monastery of Tabennese a few years after his brother. When Pachomius established the general administration of the koinonia at PBOW, he appointed Paphnutius as the …

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Monasteries Of The Fayyum

MONASTERIES OF THE FAYYUM In the notice about the patriarch KHA’IL I (744-767), the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS indicates that there were then thirty-five monasteries in the Fayyum. ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN repeats the same information, which he seems to relate to the same period; he names or describes only eight of them. Al-Nabulsi cites …

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Clerical Ordination

CLERICAL ORDINATION The right of a bishop to ordain Christians of his diocese as deacons and priests is so generally recognized that the canons of the Coptic church (see CANONS, ECCLESIASTICAL) relate only to abuses: for instance, the ordination of Christians from another diocese or the acceptance of a gift for the ordination. The bishop’s …

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Icons, Coptic

ICONS, COPTIC Holy panel paintings of Christ, the Virgin Mary, saints, or subjects from the Old and New Testaments. The word icon is derived from the Greek word eikon, meaning “image” or “portrait.” Icons are symbols of the invisible presence of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the saints. They are the connection between the church …

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Coptic See Of Jerusalem

COPTIC SEE OF JERUSALEM From the beginning of the Christian era, Egypt and Egyptians have had a privileged status in Jerusalem. In the Acts of the Apostles, it is mentioned that Egyptians were among those who witnessed the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It is also mentioned (Acts 6:9) that Alexandrians, with others, …

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