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Saint Severus

The Enaton

THE ENATON One of the chief monastic centers of Byzantine and medieval Egypt, near Alexandria. It was called in Arabic Dayr al-Zujaj (Monastery of Glass) or Dayr al-Zajjaj (Monastery of the Glass Maker). Although the whole complex of monasteries at Enaton was completely ruined at the end of the Middle Ages, numerous Greek and Oriental …

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Dayr Al-Bisrah (Busrah)

DAYR AL-BISRAH (Busrah) History Dayr al-Bisrah is a small Coptic village on the right bank of the Nile, south of the extremity of the basin of Abnub, at the place where the mountains are very close to the Nile, opposite Shut b, the homeland of the father of Saint THEODORUS “the General” (stratelates) according to …

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Dayr Durunkah

DAYR DURUNKAH Today the church of the Holy Virgin near the village called Dayr Durunkah, to distinguish it from the more important village called Durunkah. It is situated about 6 miles (10 km) southwest of ASYUT on the edge of the mountain in the quarries and tombs. ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN (beginning of the thirteenth …

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