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Saint George


BIRMA A town located in the Egyptian Delta about 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Tanta in the province of Gharbiyyah. Although Birma is listed in a number of Coptic-Arabic scales and in a list of Egyptian bishoprics (Munier, 1943, p. 64), the town is rarely referred to in Christian-Arabic literature and no bishop for …

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BLESSING Jesus Christ blessed with both hands, when he took the children in his arms, laying his hands upon them (Mk. 10:16); when he ascended into heaven, he lifted up his hands and blessed the apostles (Lk. 24:50, 51). The apostolic traditions are silent about a particular manner with which Jesus Christ blessed the people. …

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Theodosius Of Jerusalem

THEODOSIUS OF JERUSALEM A fifth century bishop of Jerusalem who was exiled. He was the opponent of Juvenal of Jerusalem after the Council of CHALCEDON; head of the side opposed to the decisions of the council, he was bishop of Jerusalem between 451 and 453, when Juvenal was forcibly restored by Marcian (Frend, 1972, pp. …

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Theodotus Of Ancyra

THEODOTUS OF ANCYRA The bishop of Ancyra (Galatia) (d. c. 445). After being a supporter of Nestorius, he became an opponent, taking the side of CYRIL at the Council of EPHESUS. This was probably why his memory continued to live on in the Coptic literary tradition and why he was attributed with the authorship of …

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BABYLON The oldest part of the city of Cairo. Babylon is situated on the east bank of the Nile, to some extent on the border between Upper and Lower Egypt. The same spot marks the mouth of a canal, originally cut about 600 B.C., which connected the Nile to the Red Sea. The city was …

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Dayr Al-Nastur

DAYR AL-NASTUR According to ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN (1895, pp. 134-36) in the thirteenth century, this monastery was to the south of Old Cairo, on the edge of Lake al- Habash. It was a monastery of the Nestorian rite, dedicated to Saint George. In 1102-1130, under the caliphate of al-Amir, Shaykh Abu al-Fada’il, a Nestorian, …

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