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Saint George

Sanabu (Minya)

SANABU (Minya) According to al-MAQRIZI, site of two monasteries: to the north is one dedicated to the Holy Virgin; to the south is one dedicated to Saint Theodorus, said to be in ruins. ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN (early thirteenth century) does not mention any monastery at or near Sanabu, but only a church dedicated to …

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Dayr Al-Ballas (Qift)

DAYR AL-BALLAS (Qift) This monastery-village is situated on the left bank of the Nile to the north of the town of al-Ballas, which has given its name to the large jars in which water is carried. There is neither archaeological nor ancient literary evidence, only the name of the hamlet, al-Dayr, to show that a …

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CYRIL II The sixty-seventh patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1078-1092). Cyril was a monk of the Monastery of Saint Macarius (DAYR ANBA MAQAR), and his original name was George (Jirja). Nothing is known about his secular life or his date of birth beyond the fact that he was a native of the province …

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TUBH An Egyptian Arabic term (plural tobhat) meaning “prayer,” from Coptic twbh (Tobh, pray, prayer). It is an ecclesiastical term used in the plural for the litany of intercessions in the midnight psalmody consisting of a listing of saints (Arabic, majma‘ al-qiddisin) and a series of prayers, each beginning with twbh mp[c (tobh amebshays), meaning …

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