‘Isa Ibn Al-Bitriq

‘ISA IBN AL-BITRIQ A Christian physician of Old Cairo and the brother of Sa‘id IBN AL-BITRIQ the physician, patriarch, and historian, who dedicated to him his historical work Nazm al-Jawhar (Cheikho, 1909, p. 488). ‘Isa ibn al-Bitriq was knowledgeable in all branches of medicine, especially medicaments and treatment. He remained in Old Cairo until his …

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Book Of Epact

BOOK OF EPACT A treatise on the calculation of the date of Easter attributed to DEMETRIUS I, twelfth patriarch of Alexandria (189- 231). We shall examine the attribution in light of the historical, liturgical, and literary Arabic traditions of the Middle Ages. Historical Tradition The historian Sa‘id IBN AL-BITRIQ, Melchite patriarch of Alexandria (933-940), tells …

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