Al-Safi Ibn Al-‘Assal (?-Ca. 1265)

AL-SAFI IBN AL-‘ASSAL (?-ca. 1265) A Canonist, theologian, apologist. The reputation of al-Safi Abu al-Fada’il Majid ibn al-‘Assal has long rested on his magisterial canonical collection, the Nomocanon of 1238 commonly known even today as al-Majmu‘ al-Safawi (al- Safi’s Compilation); this has allowed brief characterizations of the Awlad al-‘Assal to refer to the accomplishments of …

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Mikha’il, Metropolitan Of Damietta (?-After 1208)

MIKHA’IL, METROPOLITAN OF DAMIETTA (?-after 1208) A Bishop, theologian. Mikha’il, an active defender of the Coptic Orthodox faith in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, was the first Coptic bishop to receive the title “metropolitan” (Arabic: mutran). His best known works include a collection of canon law that, while of great merit, was soon …

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