Socrates (C. 380-456)

SOCRATES (c. 380-456) A church historian. Socrates was a native of Constantinople, where he lived and obtained his education. He ultimately became a lawyer and earned the title Scholasticus. He is best known as a church historian and seems to have started where EUSEBIUS OF CAESAREA left off. Thus his history is probably the most …

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Archives Of Papas

ARCHIVES OF PAPAS Papas, son of Liberius, was pagarch of Apollonos Ano (Idfu) from 703 to 714. The dossier of the correspondence sent to him, consisting of more than 100 Greek and a smaller number of Coptic (but no Arabic) documents, was found in 1921-1922 in a jar west of the southwest pylon of the …

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Dionysius The Great

DIONYSIUS THE GREAT The fourteenth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (247-264), whose letters dealt with the major religious issues of the time. Dionysius was born at an unknown date, probably in the last decade of the second century. The son of a wealthy pagan family, he was converted to Christianity at a mature …

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